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Is your resume good enough to get you a mining job interview?

Are your qualifications and achievements on page one of your resume?

Competing with other applicants for jobs is not easy is it?.. and for the most part the idea of using a piece of paper to convince someone you are right for a job is crazy – especially in this day and age.

However… that’s the way it is at the moment, so you have to work with what you’ve got and learn the best techniques on how to get someone to take notice of you using the words you write about yourself.

Let’s be honest here, many people believe their resume is really well written and set out correctly.. you’re probably one of them – however, from our experience we know this is not the case.

Most of the time at iMINCO, we see job applications being rushed through by applicants sending out dozens of boring resumes to every job they think they can do, resulting in disappointment and frustration because they never got a reply back from the recruiter or company. 🙁

How your personal information and work history looks and reads on a resume makes all the difference. It must be relevant to the job you’re applying for. You must use the correct terminology and industry terms, as well as add the keywords in the job ad into your resume and cover letter to have a fighting chance of being noticed.

A good resume [a mining focused resume], is the first and usually the ONLY way you can get yourself in front of a mining company HR person or mining recruiter. You need your resume to do the heavy lifting for you – so you have to know how to play that game.

The resume writers who work with iMINCO have worked directly with many of the top HR departments of mining and energy sector companies. They have discovered the ‘secret sauce’ to create the right mix of content (keywords), design and layout that recruiters look for.

They’ve helped people just like you get their dream job in the mines.

“About my new CV…. I never seen one before like this. It is fantastic. I would like use this opportunity to say thank you from the heart” – Krishna</em/p>

How to get your resume noticed?

If you’re not taking the time to re-write your resume you’ll rarely get the opportunity to score yourself a well-paid mining job, unless your resume is specifically mining related.

Mining companies receive hundreds if not thousands of resumes every day and they have ways to scan and reduce the resumes that don’t meet the job specs. Our experienced mining resume writers know how to get your resume through resume scanning software which will definitely increase your chances of getting an interview.

“If it wasn’t for the way you presented the resume with a safety role twist I don`t think I would have landed the job. Thanks guys for the launch of my new career” – Tim

Well-written resumes get results

A well-written resume is usually the only way you can score yourself an interview with a mining company or recruitment agency. It doesn’t matter whether you’re applying for a job in mining, oil and gas, civil or any other industry, your resume has to the heavy lifting for you and persuade the person reading it to short-list you for an interview.

When you have a resume that not only looks professional, but has been set up with the correct keywords to get indexed by the automated resume scanning devices, you’ll have the upper hand and confidence you need to send your resume to any employer.

“A resume with the right layout and the correct information in the right place can give you the edge over other candidates and land you an interview for a mining job” – Pete iMINCO

How much is a professional resume going to cost?

To rewrite your resume to be mining and/or energy sector specific usually costs between $350 and $450 (we can do it for $288) depending on the level of job you are applying for.


Normally $400 NOW $288.

Cover letter $32.

Order online or call (07) 5520 2522 – ask for Michelle.

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