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Resume writing to get an interview is not easy, yet you may still be sending out your resume and it’s getting binned. It’s time you learned how to set out your resume to reel in a job.

Here’s what’s included in the guide

  • The simple mistake that 99.9% of people make on there resume
  • How to make the reader agree with what you say about yourself
  • 3 things you should never put on your resume – ever!
  • Know the purpose of your resume
  • Where to add your contact details
  • Tickets, qualifications and education
  • How to set out your work history
  • How to use effective titles
  • The most effective way to list your previous jobs
  • How to back up your personal qualities with relevant facts
  • How to easily convince the interviewer you’re the right choice for the job
  • Effective use of keyword placement
  • How to make your resume easy to read
  • How to get your resume past resume scanning software
  • The one number you only need to know when it comes to pages
  • How to use action verbs to make an impression
  • Understanding why the third person perspective is critical to comprehension
  • Setting up your resume to pass the 5 second skim test
  • How to email-proof your resume
  • Discover which words on your resume make you look like an idiot

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