Mining Research and Development Centre Opens

Mining Research and Development Centre Opens

A new facility has been opened at the Australian Minerals Research Centre (AMRC) in Perth to study specific innovation needs for mineral and metal processing and production, to help reduce energy consumption and reuse water at mines in Australia and around the world.

Scientists from the world`s leading chemical company BASF aim to help mining operations to minimise water consumption, maximise recovery, reduce land areas used for tailings disposal and minimise the cost and time taken to rehabilitate mining sites.

‘Mining relies on innovation to improve productivity’ – Minister

Martin Ferguson, Minister for Resources and Energy, said at the official opening that Australian mining relies on technological innovation to drive improved productivity. The new research will therefore contribute to the global competitiveness of the Australian mining industry.

The AMRC site is part of the CSIRO, Australia`s national science agency, one of the largest and most diverse research agencies in the world.



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