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What’s really going on with mining?


This independent report concerns the mining industry in Australia and how certain media stories can bring about a lull in consumer confidence in the mining industry in terms of long term growth as well as create instability within the mining industry workforce relating to longevity of employment.

There are always two sides to every media story. The iMINCO Mining Information promise guarantee is that iMINCO will only ever provide objective, straight-down-the-line information.

It’s important for people looking to get into the mines, looking for a better career can know exactly what the current state-of-play in the Australian mining sector is.

In this weeks Project News…

  • 400 job cuts from the Department of Mines in Queensland – get the real facts
  • Stimulating mining growth in Queensland
  • Queensland mining safety record is world class
  • Queensland mining training courses are renowned world wide
  • How do you figure out what’s real in the media when it comes to mining information?
  • The story of BHP Billiton expansion programs
  • Getting an objective overview of the mining industry in Australia
  • What’s going to help you get a better career in mining?


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