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Fatigue Monitoring Safety Boost

fatigue monitoringA Fatigue Monitoring System, originally developed by the Australian National University and produced by Canberra-based company Seeing Machines, will be distributed by international mining machinery leader Caterpillar.

Caterpillar intends to both supply and support SM`s system through its global dealer network, and product development and licensing are future development ideas.

Seeing Machines` technology was developed through the ANU with Professor Alex Zelinsky and three of his PhD students.The innovation, which sells for about $10,000 a unit plus training and other costs, involves a unit the size of a laptop in the cabin of a mining vehicle, linked to cameras which monitor fatigue via head alignment and eye behaviour, which triggers a vibrating seat in the cabin and sounds an alarm.

“We firmly believe this will be as commonplace as the airbag in 10 or so years from now,” Seeing Machines CEO Ken Kroeger toldThe Australian.

“After establishing eye-tracking as proven technology in the most difficult environments for this part of the mining industry, the next step is to establish its value in wider markets to protect drivers, workers and the public at large.”


Australian Mining Innovation

dump truck turntableEquipment Placement, an Australian company which provides specialist products, parts and services to the mining and construction industries, will be showing a world-first Truck Turntable and other innovations at AIMEX 2013.

In addition to its mining truck turntable, Equipment Placement will use AIMEX to launch the Sleipner transport system for more efficiently moving excavators and shovels from 30 tonnes to 560 tonnes around mine sites and civil projects, while also reducing undercarriage wear.

It will also release the Hoist-rope Impact Reduction Box (HIRB), designed to minimise rope slap when the boom of a large rope shovel or dragline is jacked into the ground. HIRBs can be designed and manufactured to fit any rope shovel.

According to Equipment Placement, its new releases are all firmly aimed at increasing productivity and reducing costs.

New Truck For Oz

new truck for OzThe Belarusian machinery manufacturer BelAZ has partnered with Australian firm Australasian Pacific Engineering Group (APEG) to bring its mining equipment into Australia for the first time in its 50 year history.

Claiming that it supplies one in three dump trucks around the world BelAZ has launched its 240 tonne and 360 tonne mining trucks into Australia.

Powered by MTU Detroit diesel engines, the 360 tonne version uses a 20V 4000 series engine which provides 2800 kW of power while the smaller 240 tonne version will feature a 16V 4000 with 1864kW of power.

General Director of BelAZ , Petr Parkhomchyk, told Australian Mining that the vehicles are built to Australian standards, and the factory had used Rio Tinto vehicle specs to ensure the vehicles were up to Australian mining safety standards.

The company is planning to release its new 450 tonne machine at its Belarusian factory in September, later this year. The new machine will utilise an articulated frame, and will be powered by two diesel engines with Siemens AC drives. iminco logo


Mining Machinery News


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