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MINING LEVEL 2 mining jobs in Queensland

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MINING LEVEL 2 – WorkPac Group

WorkPac are currently seeking Experienced Operators for the Clermont Coal Mine located in the Bowen Basin.

These positions call for you to be experienced in operating:
Komatsu Electric Drive 830E & 930E Trucks

You will be required to have current:
Minimum 2 years experience on 830E and 930E (minimum CAT 789)
Coal board medical
Standard 11 Induction Training (Statement of Attainment) or equivalent BMA (Statement of Attainment)
Clear drug and alcohol test
Drivers license
BCC for equipment or site authorisations

Only applications with a fatigue base in the area of Moranbah, Dysart, Capella and Emerald will be considered. Local applicants from Clermont will also be considered. 7on 7off roster and top camp facilities.

Dump Truck mining Jobs in Queensland by WorkPac Group

Published Date: 01/07/2019
Job Advertiser: WorkPac Group

Apply for the MINING LEVEL 2 job on the WorkPac website here: MINING LEVEL 2

Note: this job may or may not be still available.
Job Description: MINING LEVEL 2 job in the mines in Queensland

This is a sample Regional Queensland WorkPac Group mining and resource sector job from WorkPac Group, who are a leading labour hire company in Australia. They continually advertise a wide range of jobs for workers with experience as a MINING LEVEL 2.

How to apply for the WorkPac Group MINING LEVEL 2 job

Apply for the MINING LEVEL 2 job on the WorkPac Group website here: MINING LEVEL 2

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About the Bowen Basin

The Bowen Basin contains the largest coal reserves in Australia. This major coal producing region contains one of the world’s largest deposits of bituminous coal.

The Basin contains much of the known Permian coal resources in Queensland including virtually all of the known mineable prime coking coal. It was named for the Bowen River, itself named after Queensland’s first Governor, Sir George Bowen.

The Bowen Basin covers an area of over 60,000 square kilometres in Central Queensland running from Collinsville to Theodore and is dotted with many coal mines operated by multiple mining companies.

Komatsu 830E Haul Truck

The Komatsu 830E is an ultra class dump truck used in Australian open pit mining operations an is designed and built in Peoria, Illinois by Komatsu America Corporation (parent company is the Japanese held company Komatsu Ltd.

The Komatsu 830E is a beast, with 231,000 kilogram capacity (255 short tons). Although this is a big truck, the 830E's load capacity is about 66% the capacity of the Liebherr T 282C and Caterpillar 797B.

This is an electric truck and is being featured in many new mining operations as well established mines in WA and QLD.

The electric drive system is very different fromt the transmission/differential drive of traditional trucks. The diesel engine is connected to a GE traction alternator with high voltage cables transfering electricity to the two wheel motors at the rear of the truck.

Read more about the KOMATSU 830E mining dump truck on the Komatsu website

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