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Indicoal Mining Australia Pty Ltd has put forward plans to build and operate an export coal mine in theupper Derwent Valley near Hamilton in Tasmania.

This is good news for Tasmania and mining jobs in Australia’s most southern state.

400,000 tonnes expected in the first year

The mine is expected to have a production capacity of 400,000 tonnes per annum initially. The mining company launched its development proposal and environmental management plan with the state`s Environmental Protection Authority.

The proposed mine is located off the Lyell Highway about 4 kilometres west of Hamilton. Coal crushing operations will be carried out on site. The mine will employ open-cut methods using bulldozers and an excavator truck fleet, creating more mining jobs for qualified machinery operators. Stockpiling and overburden will complete the mining operation.

The mine, which would be named `Langloh`, has an expected lifespan of eight years, with production expectations of 910,000 tonnes per annum after two years.

Indicoal Mining Australia PTY LTD

Indicoal are a leading coal mining company in Indonesian mining company. They supply large volumes of coal to the European, Asian and African markets.

Their head office is located in Mount Claremont, Western Australia.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to upskill and you’re looking for a mining job in Tasmania, here are a couple of courses you can look at to make yourself more employable with Indicoal.

Dump Truck Course

Dump trucks will be used to haul the coal around the mine from the coal face to the crusher units. Get your nationally recognised Haul Truck qualification RIIMPO311A “ Conduct Haul Truck Operations.

You can complete this haul truck course in 5 days, or there is an exclusive 2 day dump truck training course for people who want to fast-track their qualification.

Fast track your haul truck qualification in 2 days

The 2 day haul truck course is in Brisbane,with a one-on-one training weekend with your own trainer, plenty of driving experience, both day and night. This is a great course for people looking to earn a good salary working in the mines.

Dozer operators as well as water truck drivers will be required for this project.

See the courses for dozer operator training as well as the water truck drivers course. There are also combination mining machinery courses you can do to get a wide range of experience and add those all-important RII qualifications to your resume.

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