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Mining Jobs Summit

The Gold Coast will play host to the Work for Queensland Summit tomorrow, with mining bosses and Mayors from areas with higher unemployment attending.

Senior executives from resource companies will be meeting with leaders from the the Gold Coast City Council, Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Fraser Coast Regional Council, Whitsunday Regional Council and Cairns Regional Council at the Gold Coast Institute of TAFE. Federal government representatives will also be there.

Mining 101 courses

The summit willdiscuss thing like the mining 101 courses forQueenslanders looking to work in the mining industry.

Premier Anna Bligh said the Summit is about matching jobs with Queenslanders in areas that are facing higher levels of unemployment.

“I called this high level summit because we have significant numbers of Queenslanders, particularly in some regional areas, out of work and yet the mining industry is facing a skills shortage,” Ms Bligh said.

“We want to find solutions that mean all Queenslanders are given the chance to be involved in our State’s bright future.

“Queensland is on the cusp of a huge resources boom with our new LNG industry and demand from China and India for our coal and other resources – we need to make sure that as many Queenslanders as possible can take these jobs.”

Offsite Training Centres to be discussed

The benefits ofgrouping themining training offsitelike iMINCO’soff site training centreswill be discussed and brought to the attention of mining bosses who will have the ability to put their candidates through extensive training and assessment before they arrive onsite.

The Premier will be organising mining job expos to encourage the mining companies to use workers from Regional areas. Click here to read more on the mining job expos

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