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Mining Jobs Revival – Iron Ore Exports Soar 20%

iMINCO - Mining Jobs Revival - Iron Ore Exports Soar 20%

Mining jobs can often be tied directly to the demand for iron ore from Asian countries. This has been an issue for Australian mine workers as the fluctuating iron ore demand has caused mining companies to re-think their staffing levels.

However, in the latter part of 2013, shipments of iron ore from Australia were 21 per cent higher than the same time last year.

Mining investment in the Australian iron ore sector may have peaked however the latest data shows export earnings from iron ore continue to head skyward.

“strong and sustained raw iron ore demand from Chinese steelmakers”

Australian ports in WA like Port Hedland continue to break iron ore shipment records, indicating there is still strong and sustained raw iron ore demand from Chinese steelmakers.

Iron ore racing ahead of coal and is forecast to have generated more than double coal’s revenue in the last few months of 2013. Australia stands to earn US$21.9 billion ($24.5 billion) from iron ore exports from October to the end of December 2013, compared with weakening thermal and coking coal revenues of US$10.1 billion.

“Australia is taking workplace efficiencies more seriously”

People looking for clarity around whether the mining industry in Australia, particularly WA iron ore mining, can still be a viable career option, should be in a more positive frame of mind. Mining activity and the massive productivity increases are a sign that Australia is taking workplace efficiencies more seriously.

No longer is the mining sector a place where anyone can walk into $100,000 + mining jobs by simply turning up at the door of a mine site. Mining companies are employing people (and will continue to do so) who are focused, well trained, dedicated, safety conscious and are willing to ‘muck in’ – all for the good of the company, which in turn creates a positive and rewarding working environment for all.

Further good news for the iron ore  industry came when the latest forecast as promises iron ore and coal industries will be shifting from capital expenditure in capacity and efficiency improvements to outright production increases. This has already started as Rio Tinto cut its capital expenditure costs for the next two years. Capital expenditure cuts means there are not so many new projects getting off the drawing board and becoming a reality, which in effect can stifle the creation of new mining jobs.

“increased productivity creates employment opportunities”

However, mining jobseekers who want to work in the hot and dusty mining regions of WA, should also be aware that increased productivity creates employment opportunities – if you’re like one of the thousands of current mine workers who simply love their FIFO mining jobs in WA.

The majority of industry experts see iron ore stockpiles in countries like China growing and declining in like with the country’s growth, however this has not eventuated. The price of iron ore has remained consistently over US$130 a tonne for some months, which is a positive for many Australian mining companies.

“permanent and sustainable mining jobs in the industry”

Considering the big mining companies like Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and Fortescue Metals Group have iron ore (extraction and loading) cash costs of anywhere between $35 and $55 a tonne, margins remain high. The latest iron ore shipment data is fantastic news for Australia’s three largest iron ore producers. During the financial year of 2013, Rio and BHP Biliton generated around 70 per cent and 60 per cent of revenue from iron ore production.

Higher margins mean greater profits and as productivity increases, more and more ore is being shipped to customers, which creates a positive cashflow position – which in turn creates the environment for permanent and sustainable mining jobs in the Australian iron ore industry.

Something all Australian’s want to see for many years to come.

Mining jobs in WA – where to start looking

If you are one of the many thousands of people considering whether working the iron ore mining industry is for you, read the following articles and discover why mining jobs in WA could provide you with a rewarding career and secure future – if you’re prepared to commit and invest in your own skills training.

Some mining courses you can do if you`re thinking of applying for mining WA jobs in mining




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