New Report Reveals Hidden Mining Jobs

Report Reveals Hidden Mining Jobs in Australia

Mining jobs no experience - white paper reveals source of hidden mining jobsMany people ask iMINCO about how to get a job in the mining and the resource sector. It’s a big question with a lot of possible answers.

A new report reveals there are many mining and resource sector jobs waiting to be filled. If you’ve ever wanted a job in the industry, this report might just give you some ideas on where to start digging.

iMINCO recently came across a research paper just published by the Reserve Bank of Australia about the future of the resource boom in Australia. This report reveals the opportunities for Australian mining jobs don’t all lie in extraction, as most people are lead to believe.

The paper discusses the labour required by each element of the mining industry, and discusses upcoming labour needs in terms of resource extraction and resource-related activity (mining jobs in production, logistics and analysis, for example).

Mining jobs in ‘resource-related’ activity account for a huge amount of employment growth in the mining and resource industry and provide boundless opportunities for job-seekers in less traditional areas of commercial mining activity. The paper goes on to reveal the “Business Services Industry provides one of the biggest opportunities for ‘value-added’ mining jobs in Australia.

“The growth in mining jobs is attributed to the value-added industries that provide inputs to resource extraction and investment, such as business services, construction, transport and manufacturing.

“This ‘resource-related’ activity is significantly more labour intensive than resource extraction, accounting for an estimated almost 7percent of total employment in 2011/12, compared with 3.25percent for the resource extraction sector.”

So what jobs might `resource-related activity` entail? Almost every industry is covered. Think of all the jobs linked to resource extraction, such as creating mines and their associated infrastructure (rail lines, roads, houses); jobs in transportation such as truck, train, construction, logistics etc.

Business Resources Industry jobs in mining would include areas such as engineering, accounting, postal work, warehousing, administration and legal work.

If you do a search for mining jobs on seek you will see there are currently almost 6000 mining jobs advertised. If you narrow that down to a mining-related sub-classification such as ‘health, safety and environment’ for instance, you can take your pick of over 300 jobs in mining, many for the top mining companies such as BHP Billiton. Mining-related jobs will set you on a solid career path which will see you in demand for the rest of your life.

So why not think outside the square with mining jobs, and equip yourself to pursue one of the many lucrative fields in mining-related business with a short training course to get your resume up to scratch and of the standard of the job you want to apply for?

Some of the mining training courses you can do
Mining can be a hazardous environment to work in, therefore, safety awareness training is absolutely essential and ongoing. The one course we recommend you do is called a Mining Induction (Recognised Standard 11). is a must-do course if you want to apply for a mining job on an Australian mine, especially in Queensland where it is mandatory, regardless of the role you`re applying for. If you want a mining job and you have no previous mine experience, completing the Mining Induction training will give you and advantage and you’ll be on your way to moving into a well-paid mining job. Invest in your future now and you will earn your investment back a hundred-fold because this one course will set you ahead of the pack, especially if you are a new starter in the industry.

Your resume is the key to your interview
By completing a mining training course (and featuring it on your resume), you will also ensure that your resume has certain keywords that are essential for your resume to get past the software-driven document scanning stage.

Nearly all of the mining recruiters and mining companies in Australia employ this first line of resume scanning for keywords. If your resume does not contain the key words they are looking for, then you may miss out on getting an interview. Read why it’s critical your resume is up-to-date and mining focused before you even start applying for a mining job.

Mine workers Coal Board Medical health check
The Coal Mine Worker`s Health Scheme requires that a medical check called the coal board medical be carried out by anyone offered employment in the coal mining industry – regardless of whether your role is in exploration or accounts payable. By completing this health check (and placing it on your resume) you make it easier for mining employers to fast-track your employment on a mine.

If you need to talk to someone about booking in to a Mining Induction training course, or you need help with your mining specific resume or a Coal Board Medical, call Industry Pathways on, they have people on hand to help answer any questions you may have.

New starters looking for mine jobs
For new starters in the industry we recommend you read how to get into mining with no experience. We have also created a list of mining jobs you can do. To build your mining knowledge you can read our FREE Project News newsletter and register to get your copy.


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