Mining Jobs Queensland - 6000 Galilee Basin Coal Mining Jobs

6000 Mining Jobs Queensland

Mining Jobs Queensland - Waratah Coal Galilee Basin Project Clive Palmer said establishing the Waratah Coal`s proposed $8 billion ‘China First’ coal mine and associated infrastructure in the Galilee Basin in Queensland, would create 6000 jobs during construction and 1,500 during operation.

The mining development will open up a huge energy resources in the Galilee Basin, benefiting both the Queensland and national economy.

The Galilee Coal Project is located in the Galilee Basin near Alpha in Central Queensland, Australia. The integrated coal project has been approved to extract up to 1.4 billion tonnes of coal and is expected to produce 40 million tonnes of high quality thermal coal per annum (Mtpa), with an estimated working mine life of around 25 years.

The Galilee Basin, located west of the Surat Basin and forms part of the Great Artesian Basin and is located in western Queensland. Geological surveys and exploration programs have reaffirmed the basin contains enormous deposits of thermal coal and is one of the newest mining regions in Australia.

Queensland mining job prospects would be boosted during the associated construction and infrastructure development. The coal mining project in Central Queensland has been boosted by the Australian federal government renewing its Major Project Facilitation (MPF) status. This allocates more time to allow for additional studies and compliance issues to be completed without putting the project at risk of being a non-starter.

The proposed thermal coal mine would be linked to a new coal storage and loading terminal at Abbot Point near Bowen by a 453km standard heavy gauge railway line.

The Palmer China First development had already been declared a “significant coal mining project” by the Queensland government and the renewal of its MPF status was a major leap forward. Projects such as this are essential for the development of the coal reserves which has a jobs creation flow-on effect, bringing sustainable employment in the mining sector.

The decision by minister Albanese to extend the deadline has paved the way, in essence for major milestone to be reached which could in turn fuel the development of one of the most significant projects in Queensland’s coal extraction history.

Waratah Coal is awaiting approval of an environmental impact statement and a supplementary EIS for the project from the Queensland coordinator general and the federal environment minister.

Download the Waratah Coal Galilee basin mining project overview.

Planned infrastructure development of the proposed coal mine.

Estimated 56 Mtpa ROM (Run of Mine) thermal coal to 40 Mtpa and loaded onto trains.

Mining and Processing

  • 2 Open-cut mines (10mtpa each)
  • 4 underground longwall mining operations (10mtpa each)
  • 2 coal processing plants (10mtpa each)

Transportation and Logistics (rail and road)

  • 453km distance transporting the coal to Abbot Point
  • Heavy haul standard gauge system
  • Estimated 4 trains per day will haul coal to the port

Port and Export

  • Triple Tippler train unloading facility
  • Single Coal Tranche, with 2 independent stacker and reclaimers, coal stockyards, rail spurs and rail loops
  • 2 ship loaders and berths for large vessels (up to 200,000 dwt)

Mining Jobs Queensland

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Reference: Mining Jobs Queensland Waratah Coal Galilee “Alpha” Project

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