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Exploration Means More Mining Jobs QLD

Mining jobs QLD: Drilling started in the Bowen Basin yesterday as the Australian Pacific coal joint venture with Rio Tinto commenced; with activity ramping up.Coal mining Bowen Basin Queensland. Image of a coal loading operation, coal stockpiling. iMINCO

The Bowen Basin in Queensland is continuing to expand becoming a rampant hub of activity for new mining jobs, with a joint venture deal signed by Rio Tinto’s UK and Australia Pacific Coal for the Mount Hillalong project.

Australian Pacific Coal Limited (ASX:AQC) CEO Paul Byrne made a statement recently stating  “it is a milestone event” for the company and delved into the details of the joint venture project.

The contract signed two years ago includes a two year open and shut deal where Rio Tinto has to comply with the terms of the agreement including size work onsite and an extensive drilling program.

The contract was certainly very competitive and Byrne stated the deal is a future company maker for Australian Pacific Coal.

Rio Tinto has advised Australian Pacific Coal that the detailed drilling and seismic programme has just commenced and targets have already been identified, which is extremely exciting news for the Bowen Basin area and the future of coal mining jobs in Queensland.

Mount Hillalong coal resource Queensland

It is expected Mount Hillalong site will be a substantial coal resource and if it’s a successful exploration, heightening interest in mining activity in the Bowen Basin will continue for many years to come, meaning the longevity of QLD mining jobs.

The Mount Hillalong project is at the forefront of the Rio Tinto budget and with the company so proficient with respect to environmental policies, this new mine could potentially be approved without delay – due to their significant Hail Creek mine proximity being so close. Rio Tinto are planning ahead, with the realisation the infrastructure of the Hail Creek mine is in place.  The Mount Hillalong could be a cost-effective extension of Hail Creek mine and therefore provide easy access to the wealth of untapped coal resources.

Rio Tinto has a very large target in mind and obviously they are looking for very high quality coking coal, similar to that at Hail Creek but certainly an extension of the Alpha Stone coal to the south of Hillalong, which is also a Rio Tinto tenure.

NOTE: There is an enormous amount of mining activity occurring in the Bowen Basin and northern QLD region, therefore if you are one of the many seeking QLD mining jobs or jobs in the Bowen Basin, the activities of both these companies should be watched very closely.

These are very exciting times for Australian Pacific coal who have stated they will need the physical work through contractors commencing immediately.

Over the next two years the activity around this region will be ramping up, so its likely there will be new mining jobs created on the Mount Hillalong project and the Hail Creek mine once the mine is approved.

The advice Mr Byrne shared is that  have shared with us is that the drilling rig is potentially on site now, therefore the work has begun – with the start date being yesterday, and everything will flow quickly from here on in. People are on the ground now, drilling has commenced.

The project has been fully funded by Rio Tinto, meaning no expense to Australian Pacific Coal whatsoever. Rio have covered all costs that relate to the tenement from day one, and most notably their are a number of other projects that form part of this deal that we have transferred to Rio; other periperal tenements we have in the area that form part of the agreement. These are single and smaller sub blocks of around 10 – 30 square kilometers each that surround the main project area. Making the total size of the project quite substantial and will provide jobs in the Bowen Basin for years to come if exploration is successful.

In the future Mr Byrne explains that Australian Pacific Coal have been working with a number of other parties on further assessment on their main project, their Cooroorah project which abuts the Jellinbah mine and also Peabody and Curragh mines in the very valuable Southern Bowen Basin area, undertaking studies to ensure it’s future. Again this company is on the up and up – so start to follow the companies announcements and progress and be on the look out for jobs in the Bowen Basin with this company – they are solidifying themselves as a major player in the coal industry, meaning QLD mining jobs will be offered well into the future.

Peabody borders Australian Pacific Coal with a sizeable mine producing a couple of million tonnes with Australian Pacific Coal’s resource being around 120 million tonnes. Byrne explains that the future of the Cooroorah project will be further developed to maintain its competitiveness. With that, there will be a lot of infrastructure development happening, whether it be wash plants, rail networks, and machinery to develop that resource into a quality PCI export thermal coal resource of the future, and QLD mining jobs in the Bowen Basin for these projects will be needed to be filled.

iMINCO spoke to Australian Pacific Coals’ Company Secretary Kevin Mischewski who explains, “The Bowen Basin area is still very active and our Mount Hillalong JV project with Rio Tinto Exploration has the potential to ensure a long future for mining operations in the region.

We are also in the early scoping study stages of our 100% owned Cooroorah project and will be considering funding options for the project. The mineral development license has been granted meaning we can take bulk samples and progress through the feasibility study processes, leading to the eventual grant of a mining lease. It will take at least two years to reach the stage where we can commence mine development. The Coororah project has an inferred metallurgical coal resource of 107 million tonnes.”

Mining activity in the region includes Cooroorah which is located 17kms north of Blackwater near Macarthur Coal’s Stanwell project and is west of the Jellinbah Mine. The Cooroorah project is well located for services and infrastructure. For job hunters seeking jobs in mining in QLD, company announcement like this cement the future of Australian mining, particularly in the Bowen Basin region with activity truly heating up.

With numerous projects on the horizon in Queensland of this scale, we suggest you invest in the correct mining qualifications, so you’re prepared for the new wave of Queensland mining jobs or Bowen Basin jobs.

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