Mining Jobs - Why Queensland miners are watching India

Mining Jobs – Why Queensland miners are watching India

iMINCO Mining Jobs - Why Queensland miners are watching IndiaHow does the cancellation of Indian coal mining tenements or ‘blocks’ relate to mining jobs in Queensland?

Is one of Australia’s biggest potential coal customers poised to throw everything they have at getting Queensland coal out of the ground, creating 1000’s of mining jobs in the process?Mining jobs in Queensland, especially in the coal sector have been hardest hit as the global economy slows and development projects level out. Fluctuating coal prices and uncertainty about ‘what happens next’ has sent ripples of subdued expectancy throughout the coal mining sector – in particular for those people who owe their livelihood to the coal industry.

One of the biggest issues facing any industry and the people who are employed in it, is the ability to forecast the next wave of activity – or perhaps a downturn, as we have seen previously.

“educating people who want to give a mining job a go”

As iMINCO is a mining and resource sector information provider, we look further afar than most other companies. Our aim is seek out future employment opportunities that educate people who want to give a mining job a go. As in most industries, there is a lot to learn about how it all works and most important of all – how to get a job.

This is especially so in mining, where the allure of high wages and perks attract people from all corners of Australia who search for the ultimate career.

How does the cancellation of coal mining tenements in India give hope to the Australian mining industry?

Does this have an effect on jobs and the future developments of coal mines in the Bowen and Galilee Basin?

In 2013, a delegation from Queensland, including the Premier Campbell Newman travelled to India to meet with high ranking officials from Indian power and energy conglomerate Adani. High level talks centred around Adani commencing mining operations in Queensland, which would have a knock-on-effect of once again kick-starting the coal mining industry in the State and create a new wave of mining jobs.

Other companies involved in mining in India such as GVK and Coal India are struggling to meet the demands of the burgeoning Indian population – who in turn exert massive strain on the existing power and electricity infrastructure across the continent.

Low quality Indian coal could ignite Queensland mining jobs activity

Low quality Indian coal and high specification power stations – do not mix well and the Indian government are intervening. Reports last year in 2013, indicated that the government were withholding payments to power companies because they had underperformed in terms of product delivery. This created tension and unrest in the capital cities in India – something all governments wish to avoid – so they need to do something about it quickly.

When you also factor in the details of a new report prepared by ANZ entitled “Resources, infrastructure and major projects outlook 2014” – further evidence exists of the appetite India has for coal – as well as other energy fuels such as LNG.

…but for a moment, let’s stick with coal.

“India accounts for 25 per cent of global thermal coal imports”

The global trade in coal is set to remain high, according to the ANZ report. However, in terms of the market for thermal coal and coking coal imports, India accounts for 25 per cent of the thermal coal market and 8 per cent of coking coal.

Queensland has enormous coal reserves

Thermal coal is used predominantly to power electricity generation in India – and they need a lot of it. There does not seem to be an easy fix – except for India to go out in search of an abundant supply of high quality thermal coal. Fortunately, Queensland has enormous coal reserves just waiting to be tapped.

Indian companies like Adani, have already invested heavily in Queensland coal handling and transportation infrastructure to the tune of $2 billion. The Abbot Point coal terminal is an example of such investment.

There is a new wave of mining jobs around the corner for Queenslander’s – it has to happen. When that will happen is anyone’s guess, however – keeping up-to-date with international events and news that affects Queensland mining jobs is a priority for iMINCO – and for those people who are looking for a chance at a Queensland mining job.

The takeaways from this are:

  • Keep up to date with mining news as it happens with iMINCO Project News
  • Set up Google alerts for Queensland mining, including terms such as “bowen basin jobs” , “Adani”, “Abbot Point” ,”mining jobs queensland” and so on. This will allow you to get instant notifications when news stories are released.
  • Read mining magazines and newspapers like Resource Stocks and Mining Monthly. These are excellent sources of news and information, with good in-depth articles on mining companies and new resource projects.
  • Stay up-to-date with the mining jobs boards and set up your own mining job alerts.
  • Watch the top mining companies in Australia on the Australian Stock Exchange and read their reports and presentations. This is a good place to find new job opportunities in mining.
  • Create a list of mining companies operating in the Bowen Basin in Queensland. Discover where the mines are, what is mined there and what mining jobs are performed. You might as yourself the question, “Is it an open-cut mine?”,”Is the mine a mix of underground and open-cut?”, “what types of machinery is used at the mine?”, “how big is the heavy vehicle fleet?”,”What models and sizes of haul trucks are used?”,”Are they CAT or Komatsu and are they diesel or electric?”
  • Be prepared for the eventual new jobs in mining that will be created by countries like India deciding the time is right to invest heavily in coal mining projects in Queensland. Mining courses prepare people for entry-level roles as well as assist in transitioning qualified tradespeople to sidestep into the mining and resource sector with ease. There are many combinations and training options available to anyone who has set their sights on a mining career. The value in having these qualifications on a resume will dramatically increase the opportunity to score a job in the mines – especially when the mining courses are safety-focused.
  • Always make sure your resume is up-to-date and you can access it at any stage. Keep a copy of your resume in the car – you never know who you will meet on your travels. Opportunity is everywhere – be prepared.

Despite what we hear in the media about the state of mining jobs and the bleak future – everyone has an opportunity to create their own future in the mining industry.

How this can be achieved is up to the individual. Mining jobs, because of the sheer effort it takes to sustain one, can often mean there are vacancies on a continual basis as new recruits discover a mining FIFO lifestyle is not for them.

One of the major concerns for mining companies is the loss of experienced workers who possess years of practical knowledge and real-world experience.

Mining jobs in management are in high demand – there are courses that people aspiring to work in mining management can do that will give them the qualifications they need to become a Team Leader, Supervisor or Manager. Self-paced learning as well as classroom based courses are a surefire way to get a high paying mining job.

Mining jobs don’t come easy. Like everything in life, it has to be earned and appreciated to be of real value. What are you doing about your mining career today?

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