6000 Mining Jobs Queensland - Clive Palmer's Alpha Coal Project

6000 Mining Jobs Queensland


Queensland Mining Jobs Bonanza.

Get prepared for over 3,500 construction jobs and over 2,300 mining jobs which will be created at in Queensland’s coal fields as Clive Palmer’s Warratah Coal project gets the green light from the Queensland government.

Now is the time to up-skill and complete a mining induction course and up-skill and get the right qualifications to land a mining job with Warratah Coal. This project is huge – and whilst job are scarce at this time, there’s no excuses for you not to put this one on your radar.

“a chance to break into the highly paid coal mining sector in Queensland”

This is another opportunity for entry level mining job-seekers who are looking for opportunities and a chance to break into the highly paid coal mining sector in Queensland.

People looking for mining jobs with no experience can once again be more confident about this new opportunity to get a slice of the mining jobs that will be on offer.

“a $6.4 billion coal mine and rail project”

This is a massive coal mining project for Queenslanders. This is a $6.4 billion coal mine and rail system is set to be the precursor to more coal mining start-ups in the State’s West.

There are additional coal projects aside from theWarratah Coal project waiting for approval in the region from Indian mining companies GVK and Adani – mining activity in Queensland is once again on the up and up. It may take a while to kick into gear, however – this is the right time to get serious about your future in the Queensland mining.

“development of new open-cut and underground mines”

The new Warratah Coal coal mine still needs the Federal Government final stamp of approval, which could take months, however the Queensland State Government stands to earn $365 million each year in taxes and royalties while the Federal Government is expected to take $710 million.

Mining operations will include the development of new open-cut and underground mines and a 470-km rail network connecting the mine to Abbot Point port.

Brisbane-based Warratah Coal is wholly-owned subsidiary of Palmer’s Mineralogy Pty Ltd and holds nearly 17,000 sq. km of tenements in the Galilee basin with four large coal mining projects.

Start preparing yourself to land well-paid mining jobs in the Galilee Basin

Information for New Starters in the industry

Do a mining induction safety course (Standard 11)

Check out which other mining courses you can do

Have a coal board medical examination

Get a mining-focused resume prepared for you

Do a 4WD course

Download this e-cook on how to get into mining with no experience

View a list of mining jobs you can do

Call Industry Pathways on info@iminco.net for more information on training courses for Queensland mining jobs

Reference: Mining Jobs Queensland | Clive Palmer’s Warratah Coal Galilee Basin coal project approval


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