Mining Jobs Queensland

Types of mining jobs Queensland is offering

What Types of Mining Jobs Queensland is Offering

The types of mining jobs Queensland has to offer are numerous. Here you can learn about some of the positions that are currently available.

Construction jobs in Queensland Mining

Many of the positions are at new Queensland mines or at those that are expanding. Mining companies need construction crews to get the job up and running. These may be temporary positions but some construction workers stay on the job doing maintenance, repairs and equipment overhauls.

Welding Jobs in Queensland Mining

Most mines employ at least one certified welder to do repairs or install new equipment. Welding courses are available and apprentice programs also exist. The trade qualification required in most Australian mines is a Certificate III in Engineering/Fabrication.

Diesel Mechanic

Many diesel mechanics and diesel fitters find employment at the mines. All of the heavy equipment used on the surface and some of the equipment used in underground mines is powered by a diesel engine. A Certificate III in Mechanical Diesel Fitting obtained through apprenticeship is the usual requirement for the job.

Drivers Jobs in Queensland Mining

Driving off-road heavy equipment is one of the mining jobs Queensland has to offer. Drivers usually need to obtain a HR (heavy rigid) license prior to employment. First aid certification and a pre-employment medical exam may also be necessary. Loaders and dump trucks are among the vehicles commonly seen at mining sites. Anyone wishing to start a career as a haul truck driver in the mines should look into completing a haul truck course and gain a nationally recognised certification in haul truck operations. This is not only a course that teaches you how to drive a massive haul truck, it also educates you in the important aspects of Occupational Health and Safety in the mines.

Electricians Jobs in Queensland Mining

Electricians are needed at new and existing mines to run electrical lines, repair existing lines and to inspect electrical connections and equipment. In Australia, you must complete an apprenticeship program in order to become an electrician. If you are currently an electrician in another country and are thinking about moving to Australia, you will need to complete an assessment and obtain additional training before you can become a licensed electrician.

Mining Jobs Queensland – Labourers

Labourers do many different things in the mines. It is one of the more varied mining jobs Queensland has to offer. If you get bored doing the same thing day in and day out, you might enjoy being a labourer. Employers typically require no pre-employment certification, but are looking for individuals who are used to working with hand and power tools. Many apprentices start out as labourers, so the job can lead to a more permanent or advanced position.

Mining Jobs Queensland – General Hand

The general hand is responsible for picking up equipment and personnel, removing waste items and providing general assistance to service and operational crews. Some pre-employment training is required, including a confined space and heights competency ticket. Over time, general hands often become mine machinery operators, haul truck drivers or even mature age apprentices.

These are just some of the mining jobs Queensland currently has to offer. If you are looking for work, Queensland mining companies are hiring people from a variety of backgrounds and you don’t necessarily need to have mining experience – just an attitude of wanting to stick it out, a willingness to invest in your future and completion of the right induction safety training course.


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