Mining Jobs Queensland

Mining Jobs Queensland

“There’s never been a better time to get into mining in Queensland”

If you are looking for mining jobs Queensland might be the place to look. For years now, the demand for workers in the Queensland mining and resource sector has been high. Recent studies indicate the demand will continue to grow.

The demand for workers is driven by the demand for resources. The mineral deposits in Australia are numerous and many of them remain largely untapped.

New and expanding projects in the Queensland and the rest of Australia are expected to create another 30,000 positions over the next five years. More than 14,000 new mining employees will be needed by 2014 according to a recent industry report. The report also gives us a snapshot of the typical modern miner.

While most miners are still men, about 16% of the mine workers in Australia are women. The average age of the current workforce is 38 years and almost one third of new recruits are over the age of 50.

Those numbers indicate that the need for new employees in the coal mines in Queensland is likely to continue as the years go by because there will be some turnover. Some people will retire. More than 7% are eligible to retire right now, so Queensland mining will always be a good place to either start your new career or advance your skills into a management position.

There is a significant amount of turnover even among the majority who are below retirement age. The average length of service in the mining industry is just over three years.

When it comes to staying with their mining jobs Queensland new workers seem less than serious, according to an article in an industry magazine. Some young people are initially excited about the job until they learn about the cost of training, FIFO and the working conditions.

The working conditions are nothing like they used to be. Decades ago, it was a back-breaking job. Today, mining machinery does much of the work but it can still be a dirty, hot job and some people just can’t adapt to the lifestyle. Look-up haul truck mine machinery courses you can do.

If you have a history of work in mining jobs Queensland employers will be happy to have you. It takes time to train new people in the safety induction course, as well as specific mine-site induction. Because some of the new starters or ‘clean skins’ leave the job relatively quickly, mining companies like hiring people who are familiar with the remote and challenging working conditions mining presents. The report said that over 18% of trainees leave the job within the first 12 months.

Mining companies are also looking for younger people who are really interested in working in the mines. Less than 10% of the current workforce is under the age of 25.

So, no matter your age, if you are really interested in mining jobs Queensland is a good place to start looking. The most active areas of Queensland for mining jobs are the Surat Basin, Bowen Basin and Galilee Basic.

The mining operations west of Mackay and Gladstone offer some of the best mining career opportunities for people who are serious about a career in the mines. The job might not be easy, but it can be rewarding and as we’ve all read in the newspapers, the pay is far better than average.

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