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Mining Jobs QLD – 30 Year Plan Unveiled

Mining Jobs QLD ResourcesQ initiative - iMINCOQueensland resource sector jobs and the future of mining jobs in the industry were the focus of a new Queensland government initiative this week.

The ResourcesQ initiative is a 30-year strategic plan to increase mining jobs Queensland as well as fire up new growth in the resources sector.

What is the ResourcesQ initiative?

Premier Campbell Newman said, “The ResourcesQ initiative delivers on our promise to provide better infrastructure and planning, as well as grow the state’s resources sector as part of a four-pillar economy,”¯

He made a particular reference to the government working collaboratively with the Queensland resources sector to develop a strong and focused vision that will regenerate the resources sector and produce significant benefits for the future.

Newman went on to say, “For this vision and action plan to be robust and effective we need to hear from those in the industry and community about where they would like to see the resources sector in 30 years` time, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The aim will be to ensure Queensland remains a global resource destination and continues to build on its competitive strengths.”¯ A positive boost for mining jobs QLD.

Australian Natural Resources and Mines Minister Andrew Cripps said the government would partner with the resource sector to develop the ResourcesQ initiative.

He went on to say, “The mining industry provides direct and indirect employment for more than 300 000 Queenslanders and delivers significant economic benefit across the Queensland’s economy,”¯.

His final statement outlined that the government will collaborate closely with the Queensland resource industry to forge a clear vision, supported by strategic goals and actions to generate a strong, competitive and diversified resources sector in Queensland.

For people looking for mining jobs QLD is certainly looking like a good place to start targeting.

Mining Jobs QLD

The mining industry is such an integral part of Queensland.  With an abundance natural, high quality coal deposits and various other minerals, the prospects for mining jobs the resource sector in QLD are very good.  In Queensland mining remains a thriving source of employment, even for people with little experience in mining – transitioning into a mining job can be achieved with the right mix of training, experience and attitude.

There are loads of mining communities scattered across the region.  Some mining towns have a fixed population whilst others see workers coming and going on a of fly in fly out mining basis.  The normal rosters for remote FIFO mining jobs can be two weeks on – one week off, although rosters can vary depending on which mining company you work for.

“Queensland mining industry is at the forefront of the world market”

While there are many different types of minerals that are mined throughout the region, the majority of mining jobs Queensland are centred around coal.  There are many huge coal deposits in areas like the Bowen Basin and the Surat Basin.

These mining hotspots produce millions of tonnes of thermal coal every year.  As more and more countries continue to be plagued by an ever-increasing population, increased demand for coal from Australia looks like continuing for many years to come.

This puts the Queensland mining industry at the forefront of the world market and creates the opportunity for more people to create a solid career in mining.

Along with profitable coal mining, QLD is also a main location for export as it contains several of the key ports.  Buzzing towns like Abbot Point, Mackay and Brisbane are the main centres for coal exports.  These coal export locations are another great source of mine related jobs and will continue to grow as the coal mining industry expands.

Rio Tinto jobs

As important as coal is as a resource, it is far from the only natural product of the region`s mining industry.  In fact, many mining jobs QLD centre around the excavation of bauxite.  The first discovery of bauxite was in the 1950`s and within 10 years a full-blown mining operation had been developed.

Bauxite is most commonly found in the northern areas of Queensland.  One of the biggest and more well-developed mining towns is Weipa, where several thousand people live and work together in the mines.  Luckily, for mining companies like Rio Tinto the bauxite has been easy to access and the result is a profitable mining operation that creates solid mining employment for people living in the town.

An increasing amount of mining jobs QLD

The bottom line is – there is an ever present and increasing amount of mining jobs Queensland.

Whether you’re looking for entry-level mining jobs or looking to relocate to QLD, or even you’re prepared to work FIFO jobs, you’ll find a job in the mines in QLD that will suit your lifestyle and work abilities – and provided you have the proper training, the mining companies will always keen to talk to you.

If you`re thinking “is mining for me?”, there’s is no better place to begin your search for a mining job than beautiful Queensland.  It`s the heart of Australia`s most vibrant and thriving coal industry and it promises to be a solid contributor to the success of the industry`s future. Now is the perfect time to create your future and prepare for a new wave of mining jobs QLD.

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