New Iron Ore Mine - 100's of NT Mining Jobs

New Iron Ore Mine – 100’s of NT Mining Jobs

New Iron Ore Mine - 100's of NT Mining Jobs iMINCOWestern Desert Resources Roper Bar Iron Ore Project is developing as a major project in the North.

It’s expected the project is set to create hundreds of new full-time NT mining jobs for locals as well as FIFO workers during construction.

Western Desert Resources, one of Australia’s smaller iron ore developers has received final funding for the development of the $200 million Roper Bar iron ore mine in the Northern Territory.

200 full-time workers needed to fill NT mining jobs

With the financial backing and ability to generate strong profit margins and earnings, it is expected the project will transform Western Desert Resources into an iron ore exporter to watch in the future as it strives to become a new Australian iron ore exporter in 2013.

NT mining jobs roper barAccording to the Managing Director Norm Gardener, “The project has progressed well and ore will be shipped overseas within the next three months. We’ve started work at the mine site and the majority of the haul road is finished. Mining activity has started with iron ore going up on to the pad.”

The Roper Bar iron ore province covers the geographical area of 1,800 km2 within four designated licenses in the Northern Territory and offers a lot of opportunity for people looking for Northern Territory mine jobs.


Roper Bar and Mountain Creek are the result of the division of the province into two distinct project areas. It also includes 100km2 of the target Sherwin Formation, which has extensive hematite iron ore deposits.

NT mining jobs

Roper Bar Private Haul Road – NT Mining Jobs

With the company being cashed up, the road is clear for Western Desert to ship their first iron ore product in less than 90 days. Additionally it will finance the completion of Stage 1 of the Direct Shipping Ore (DSO) grade mining operations for the 3 million tonnes of iron ore per year production from Roper Bar.

NT mining jobsThe project involves the construction of an open pit mine. The infrastructure includes a 165km private haul road to transport their iron ore to an existing loading facility, on-site workers accommodation and iron ore processing facilities.

The Roper Bar open-pit operation offers an initial 1.5 million tonnes a year of capacity, which is set to increase to three million tonnes a year by its third year of operation. This forecast of rising production and further mine development should pave the way for Western Desert to rank amongst one of Australia’s most significant iron ore miners.

The project has a resource of 611 million tonnes of ore of various grades, including 30.8 million tonnes of direct shipping ore at a grade of 59 per cent iron, it is expected the project will provide a variety of NT mining jobs well into the future.

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