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Mining jobs NSW – Regis Resources gold mine

iMINCO Mining jobs NSW - Regis Resources gold mine Gold mining in NSW could create more mining jobs for the local community around Orange.

Regis Resources Ltd has indicated construction at its McPhillamys gold mine project could begin as early as 2015.

New gold mine could create 500 flow-on mining jobs NSW

With coal mining being one of the main focuses of mining activity in New South Wales, this news of intention to open up a gold mine has been welcomed by the local communities surrounding the project.

Sustaining local communities is one of the by-products of mining projects in rural areas,  as direct and indirect mining jobs are created.

“employment opportunities have locals quite excited”

Given the location of the proposed McPhillamys gold mine, which is approximately 254 kilometres west of Sydney, the thought of a mine and the subsequent employment opportunities have locals quite excited.

Although the project is still in the early stages of discussion, this type of news is exactly what the NSW mining industry needs.

If Regis Resources is able to make the project viable and production commences in 2016, there could be a respectable number of mining jobs created – some 500 flow-on jobs to be exact.

“10 years` worth of gold reserves”

There are estimated to be around 10 years` worth of reserves, however additional exploration could reveal more deposits and to date there`s been no regional exploration, so there`s a lot of potential.”

The Perth-based company is currently dealing with the issue of securing enough water for production at the new mine, which is 35 kilometres south-east of Orange.

Last week in Orange there was a ‘Jobs Expo’ where mining project development manager for McPhillamys, Rod Smith, spoke to a big crowd.

“$150 million gold mining project”

He was upbeat about the prospect of mining in the region and created a wave of enthusiasm indicating the mine’s construction phase could begin by 2015 if the $150 million gold mining project was approved.

In recent times, Regis Gold has employed many people at its Western Australia mining operations and at McPhillamys they intend to do the same.

Building the mine would mean employing specialist tradespeople and it’s estimated the construction phase could give about 200 people permanent employment.

“60 to 70 per cent of mining jobs may require no experience”

People with no essential mining experience would also benefit from the construction of the mine, as around 60 to 70 per cent of mining jobs could be taken by people who lack previous mining experience.

Regis provides jobs for approximately 550 workers across its mining operations in Western Australia and Queensland. Somewhere in the region of 250 are employed by the mining company and 300 are contractors.

Regis favours local workers over FIFO

When mining operations are centered in remote locations, there has been a trend in Australia to use a fly-in, fly-out workforce. FIFO workers can cause discontent among local communities surrounding mining operations as local mining jobs are lost. This may not be the case for local communities in the Orange area.

“the mine will not require any fly-in-fly-out workers”

In a positive statement, Mr Smith said the mine would not require any fly-in-fly-out workers during the mine site’s operational phase and as many as 500 flow-on jobs would be created in the district.

He went on to say, it was like paradise having residential operations rather than FIFO. Having a workforce that is located in the mining operations is an enormous advantage.

“everything is looking positive for the local communities”

Despite some concerns around water supplies for the mine, everything is looking positive for the communities in the region surrounding the NSW McPhillamys gold mine project.

The relevant data for the project was in the process of being collated and the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) would be completed by the end of 2014. It will then be submitted to the NSW planning department for approval.

Looking for mining jobs NSW? – keep reading

One of the strengths of the iMINCO editorial team is our research department. Our team of editors and researchers continually look for mining operations in Australia that could provide job opportunities for the thousands of people who visit every day.

“mining jobs start with research”

Our focus is to help ordinary Australian people realise a career in the mining industry is possible, however, there is a process to follow – and it all starts with research.

Mining jobs in NSW or in any other state are in a state of continual flux. People come and go faster than it is ever reported in the media. One report by a well-respected mining organisation indicated as much as 25 per cent of the mining workforce was in a permanent state of transition.

People moving from mine site to mine site, long-term workers were retiring from the industry, FIFO workers were becoming weary from the disparate lifestyle and workers were experiencing difficulty with the long hours and time away from home.

“employment opportunities in the construction”

We can’t stress enough how critical it is to look deeper into the operations of mining companies like Regis Resources if you are one of the many people who seek employment opportunities in the construction or operational phase of this mine’s development.

Keeping up-to-date with this project will give anyone looking for NSW mining jobs on the McPhillamys gold mine project a distinct edge. Don’t wait until the jobs are advertised on mining jobs boards like SEEK and CareerOne – do a little data mining and find out as much information as possible about the mining company.

Mining jobs – do your research

Here’s a blueprint you can use to find out more information about Regis, their mining operations and the McPhillamys gold mine project.

As you can see, finding out information about a mining company is invaluable when it’s time to make contact with them. Armed with a fist full of facts and figures about any mining company is the first step to landing a mining job.

Take the information from the links above and create a folder to store the information. Print out everything that helps you understand more about the mining company and its operations. The information in your notes will help you prepare a letter of introduction and give you essential facts about the company which you can use to your distinct advantage at an interview.

Follow these steps for every mining company that advertises jobs or appears in the news.

This method is a secret weapon when it comes to creating a competitive advantage in the mining jobs marketplace in Australia.


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