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Mining Jobs NSW – Gold Mine Could Create 1000 Jobs

Mining Jobs NSW - iMINCOMining jobs in NSW could be on the increase asBracken Resources buys Hillgrove gold mine.

It’s estimated that hundreds of locals sourced from the Armidale area would be the preferred recruitment option. There are plans in place to commence mining operations at the site in March.

Queensland based Bracken Resources paid $30 million to purchase the Hillgrove gold mine in 2013. Hillgrove Mines chief executive Roger Jackson said he expects the mine to become operational soon with around 80 mining jobs being created in the initial setup.

However, as the year progresses, the expectation of a 200 percent increase in workers is expected, creating a wide range of mining jobs employing workers with specific skills and experience.

80 mining jobs being created in the initial setup

The company has clearly stated it prefers the majority of the mining workforce will be based in Armidale and surrounding areas. The mine is located 25 kilometres east of Armidale within the New England Region.

If the local population can’t soak up the many mining jobs on offer then Bracken Resources expect people will be moving to the Armidale area in preparation to take up employment at the mine.

No FIFO mining jobs NSW

Owing to the location and the mining company’s decision to employ locals, it means there probably won’t be the need for regular FIFO workers. Locals have already been employed in the construction phase of the refurbishment and the company goes on to say for every 100 people they employ 400 jobs are actually created.

The company made a confident statement announcing there was around 3 million ounces of gold and 300,000 tonnes of antimony* waiting to be mined. This new development and subsequent announcement of the creation of a possible 1000 mining jobs, should not be ignored.

$50 million to improve the mine and buy equipment

The media have played down the mining industry in Australia of late, however when mining companies like Bracken Resources budget around $50 million to improve the mine and buy equipment – the thought of a swath of mining jobs for the region seems to be imminent.

The second stage of the mine development and operations will see a further $30 million invested.

Preparing for mining jobs (NSW)

Gold mining in NSW has contributed enormously to the development of local communities just like Armidale. The news of the re-opening of the mine and subsequent massive investment send a clear signal that mining jobs NSW are bubbling once again.

The Hillgrove gold mine, just like any other mining operation will take time to reach full production. The workforce will increase over time as more and more investment kicks in.

Employment opportunities with Bracken Resources look good, especially for people living in the Armidale area, or are looking to relocate to improve their mining jobs NSW chances.

Here’s a checklist of things people who have the skills, training and mindset can do to prepare for a mining career at the Hillgrove mine.

*Antimony a semimetallic chemical element which can exist in two forms. Antimony is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, therefore it is perfect for electronic applications.

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