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Mining Jobs No Experience

Lack Of Mining Experience Doesn’t Mean You’re Out of Luck

Mining Jobs No ExperienceMining jobs no experience? don’t be put off. The fact is that previous experience in the mines is not always required in order to get your foot in the door.

There are many different ways for people with no experience to find mining jobs. You just have to possess the right mix of training, attitude and determination and know where to look for jobs and what steps to take.

The mining industry offers many opportunities in all sorts of areas, from on-site work such as driving water trucks and operating heavy machinery to scientific work, office and administration duties.

Because the major mining companies in Australia are always looking to employ good people, there are many entry level mining jobs No experience in mining? we’ve said it before – don’t let it stop you for applying for jobs in mining.

If you are new to the mining secto , consider the following entry level mining jobs that need no experience;

  • Trainee operator
  • Cleaning and house keeping
  • Kitchen hand
  • Cook
  • Field assistant
  • Trades assistant
  • General labourer
  • FIFO bus driver
  • Dump truck driver
  • Water truck and roller operator

No matter what job you can do at this time, the most important thing is doing what it takes to get your foot in the door.

Mining jobs no experience? – safety training counts

Safety is huge on mine sites, so you really need to be aware of the WH&S policies and how to conduct yourself in a mining environment.

A Mining Induction course gives you the necessary safety training skills mining employers are looking for. If you haven’t completed one of these courses then to be honest, your chances of getting a start in the industry are not as high as they would be if you have done the course. In some states like Queensland, you must complete a mining induction course before you can work in a mine – this is more important for jobs in mining that require no experience because new starters present the highest risk to safety breaches.

Are you willing to invest the time and money to train yourself and equip yourself with the right training”. There are training courses you can do Australia-wide that will help you get an understanding of mining life, as well as give you valid qualifications to add to your resume.

If you invest in a mining induction course, then you’d be taking significant steps to securing your future employment in the industry. Having completed the right course and displaying them on your resume is the first step to making your mining career a reality.

It also means making sure that your resume is mining specific and gives the mining company and recruiters the information they need to consider you for a the job you are applying for.

The better you sell yourself and your skills, the better your chances of securing employment in the mining industry. You’ll find that when it comes to mining jobs, your lack of mining experience is not necessarily a problem.

Before you know it, you’ll be carving out your future in Australia’s mines!

The National Apprenticeship Program

If you don’t have specific technical skills or no direct experience in the mining sector, an apprenticeship may be your best way to go. The National Apprenticeship Program (NAP) offers many opportunities to learn as you go. Their various apprenticeships can allow you to get the training you need in half the time it would ordinarily take.

Most people coming into the mining and resource industry for the first time can take up to 18 months to get properly certified. Through the NAP, you can crossover some of the skills you already have and apply them to the certification training to speed up the process. This way when you look for mining jobs no experience in the field will not be a stumbling block as you’ll have your apprenticeship to help you get a head start.

There are many support structures in place to help individuals gain employment in the industry, as mining is such a vital part of Australia’s economic structure. The industry is one of the biggest and most productive in the country, and as such is constantly growing and seeking additional employees at every level.

If you are interested in mining jobs no experience should not mean no opportunities. You can still get a foot in the door and be well on your way to an exciting career if you go about the job application process properly. Look into getting your training and certification, whether directly through a professional induction program or an apprenticeship.

Here’s a list of good information which will help you in your search for a career in the industry even if you have no experience.

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Mining Jobs No Experience

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    I’m working as a miner underground since one year and I’m looking for occasion to migrate to Australia and work as a miner. I live in Poland. Do You have any ideas for me how to do it best way? Thanks for Your answer.

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