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Mining Jobs No Experience Needed – What You Need To Know

iMINCO Mining Jobs No Experience Needed “Mining jobs no experience needed,” reads the advertisement. Should you believe what you are reading?

Can this ad be trusted or is it a waste of your time? The information here will answer those questions and more.

Are there ‘no experience’ mining jobs in Australia?

There are ‘no experience’ mining jobs in Australia and elsewhere. The ads you’ll find in the local newspapers and online are usually for real.

Of course, there are scams of all kinds online and every precaution should be taken prior to investing any money. When mining was at its peak, all manner of websites popped up promising a mining job with no experience needed in return for a payment of some sort. Thankfully, these types of websites are no longer a problem as they have been closed down.

One of the proven methods to verify if mining jobs with no experience ads are real or not, is to apply through well-respected websites and mining jobs boards – or directly through the mining company or recruiters website.

Watch out for unsolicited job emails

Unsolicited emails are usually scams. The people behind the scams can use legitimate techniques to find out what you search for online and send targeted emails to your inbox. Sometimes, these emails are hard to distinguish from the real thing. so how do you check if the email is a scam or not?

An easy way to check is to look at the return email address – you’ll soon see if it matches the company name or not. Delete all messages that are suspect and ‘never’ click on a link to a website or open an attachment as a virus could be lurking inside.

You could be wasting your time if you click on the links in those emails. A good spam filter can help you out. For example, the GMail spam filter will warn you if an email was not sent from the “real” company.

Mining companies will hire unskilled workers

If you are looking for a job in the mines, you are probably familiar with the mining companies in your area. If you’re not, then take a look at this list of Australian mining companies. Some of the major companies in Australia are Rio Tinto, Fortescue Metals Group and BHP Billiton but there are many others. The BMA Daunia mine site is a perfect example of an Australian mining company that sees great value in putting people in mining jobs with no experience needed.

When mining companies open new mines, or increase their productivity, there could be an increase in mining jobs no experience needed advertisements. For job seekers, it pays to keep an eye on mining industry news because job opportunities for people with no experience in the mining industry can be found by reading online press releases and news items.

Owing to the nature of the mining industry in Australia, it can take you some time to find one of these positions – so stick at it.


What to do in the meantime

If none of the mining companies seem to be hiring unskilled workers right now, you could think about up-skilling and enrolling in some training courses while you are waiting. You may already have some skills that mining companies are looking for.

For example, people who have worked in the construction industry are often able to find positions in the mining industry. You might say their skills are transferable.

It`s always easier to find a job in the mines if you have some training behind you. RII qualifications, for example, will look good on your job application. When there are many applicants and only a few jobs, the companies are more likely to hire people with trade or mining related qualifications.

To sum it up, the mining jobs no experience necessary ads are for the most part genuine. Mining companies and recruiters in the resource sector might be looking for employees they can train to do the job to their standards.

There is a new outlook in the mining industry in 2014 where mining companies are looking for people with transferable skills or someone who has recently completed a mining training program.

In these cases, previous work experience in a mine is not needed to qualify for a mining job.

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