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Mining jobs making a comeback

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mining jobs comebackRespected research firm, BIS Shrapnel, has predicted an increase of 11 per cent in mining jobs over the next five years in Australia.

The analysts predicted exports of iron ore and liquefied natural gas will continue to increase in the future, growing the resource industry`s share of GDP from 18.7 per cent to 19.8 per cent with a resulting increase in mining jobs.

Despite the mining investment phase declining to the tune of 20 per cent  over the next 5 years, mining production is expected to grow 40 per cent over the same time period, driving increases in mining operations, maintenance and exports, said the Mining in Australia 2013-2028 report.

The study also suggests that several jobs will be created in other related industries, such as construction.

“With respect to the mining boom, it`s probably fair to say that this is not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning. Over the next five years the strong boost from mining production will more than offset the economic negatives from falling mining investment, which will flow through to construction and manufacturing,”¯ says the report.

“Miners will continue to be squeezed by lower commodity prices and a high Australian dollar over the next few years,”¯ says Adrian Hart, Senior Manager of BIS Shrapnel`s Infrastructure and Mining Unit. “[But] given the strong increases in production expected, this translates to a 60 per cent labour productivity surge over the next five years.”¯

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