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Mining Jobs in NSW – Central Coast Coal Mine Approved

iMINCO Mining Jobs in NSW - Central Coast Coal Mine ApprovedCoal mining in NSW has sustained many communities over the short history of mining in the State.

NSW jobs in mining are again set to increase as the controversial Wallarah 2 coal mine gets State government approval.

The NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure has thrown its weight behind the Wallarah 2 Coal Project, signalling a new wave of mining jobs in NSW.

The Department has already delivered its preliminary assessment ahead of the Planning Assessment Commission and supports the mine`s approval, making a statement that there is no environmental reason to stop the development of the coal mine.

“local environmental groups are outraged”

As usual, the news of a new coal mine development has upset local environmental groups, who want NSW premier Barry O`Farrell to stop the mine going ahead.

Nature Conservation Council head Pepe Clarke declared that O`Farrell cannot back down on his promise that the mine would not go ahead.

“O’Farrell needs to intervene in this process by introducing clear legally binding protections for drinking water catchments across New South Wales.”

However, O`Farrell has previously stated that “what we said is we wouldn’t allow water catchments to be threatened and we don’t intend to have any water catchments threatened”.

The Department of Planning and Infrastructure`s Chris Wilson added that “managing the impact of resource projects on our water resources is a key priority. After careful consideration of all potential environmental, social, and economic impacts the Department is satisfied that the economic benefits of the mine can be realised without significant adverse impacts”.

“about 300 direct mining jobs would be created”

Wilson stated that in his opinion, the mine will create many NSW jobs in the mining sector, which is a positive for the local communities. It’s estimated, in term of employment numbers, about 300 direct jobs and an estimated 500 knock-on jobs in related industries would benefit from the Wallarah 2 Coal Project.

The NSW State government are also slightly appreciative of the new mine as it will generate an estimated $134 million in taxes and $207 million in mining royalties. Mining companies, by the very nature of their activities and profitability attract the attention of State and Federal government as they are seen as a long-term revenue stream that helps finance infrastructure development.

Wallarah 2 Coal Project

The Wallarah 2 Coal Project, is a proposed underground mining operation northwest of central Wyong on the Central Coast of New South Wales and about 45 km southwest of Newcastle.

This project is set to bring significant economic and social benefits to Wyong, the wider Central Coast Region and NSW communities through the creation of mining jobs and additional business opportunities spawned by the mining project.

Go to to find out more about the opportunities for mining jobs in NSW on the Wallarah 2 Coal Project.

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