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Mining Jobs in Australia – Let’s Keep It Real

Mining Jobs in Australia iMINCOMining jobs in Australia are fiercely hunted these days, with thousands of people desperately seeking to improve their future financial position within a short time-frame.

The temptation of a career in the multi-billion dollar resources sector can certainly be hard to ignore.

If you have the ability to earn a pay check of $3000 – $5000 a week through mining jobs in Australia, it can mean completely changing your situation and choices in life!

Working in mining jobs here in Australia can help pay down your mortgage in 5 years (from a 30 year to life sentence) and/or fast-track your savings plan putting money away for all the things you dream about – boats, cars, a home, your children’s education or a perhaps starting a new business!

Yes it is true many jobs in mining are throwing a wage at you where it’s absolutely possible to double your annual income. However, breaking into the industry can be tough (many would say that’s an understatement).

“There is still a skills shortage in mining”

A recent ABS report on Australian Social Trends reveals that there is still a skills shortage in mining, and that the next decade at least shows no sign of mining jobs in Australia slowing down, with a solid demand continuing for workers in the mines.

If you are currently looking for Australian mining jobs and are listening to the reports that the mining boom is bust – or feel that you simply can’t find a job, we have highlighted some of the key facts from the report you must read before you give up.

How many people are currently employed in mining jobs in Australia?

As of May 2000, the number of people employed in the mining industry was at a very low 74,800pp. Since then, jobs in the mines in Australia reportedly have more than tripled, peaking in May 2012 at 276,300.

Jobs in the mines in Australia - ABS weekly cash earnings

What does the future hold for mining jobs in Australia?

Although the media love to produce traffic-grabbing headlines painting doom and gloom in the industry, there are still reported skills shortage in the mines of professionals, tradespeople and operators.

Over the next 12 years reportedly around 86,000 people will be recruited, to fill the demand for mining jobs in Australia.

The majority of workers needed are tradies, then around 30 percent skilled and licensed machinery operators and 10 percent professionals.

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) released its Industry Dimensions of the Resource Boom research paper in March 2013, which revealed that despite job losses across the mining industry since Sept 2012, the resource industry remains the fastest growing source of employment for Australian`s.

“28,500 new Australian jobs in 2012 alone”

Direct jobs in the mines in Australia tallied 130,000 over the past 5 years and there have been 28,500 new Australian jobs in 2012 alone*.

New ABS figures show QLD mining towns have experienced significant population booms with 6 towns growing by more than 3% over 2006 – 2011, due to an influx of mining workers. The major mining growth towns providing QLD mining jobs and bringing in the population and jobs in the mines within Queensland are Moranbah, Weipa, Middlemount, Emerald, Clermont and Dysart.

Will the next financial year be positive for Australian mining jobs?

ABS figures show that mining investment is unlikely to experience a dramatic drop over the next financial year ““ with figures showing total business investment is expected to top out at more than $163 billion in 2012/13.

For the financial year ahead, expected business investment is estimated at around $156.5 billion; showing a very solid investment still remains in the mining industry in Australia and therefore a continued need to fill mining jobs in Australia.

Wages for Mining Jobs in Australia

The Employee Earnings and Hours report is published in Australia every two years and they recently released the weekly total cash earnings were highest for employees in the Mining industry at $2,388.20, with an average hourly rate $52.30.

When comparing the money being thrown at the mining industry to the lowest earning group ““ the accommodation and food services industry, you can see the enormous disparity between wages with this group`s weekly cash earnings at only $538.80.

jobs in the mines salaries

Expected hours of mining jobs in Australia

Obviously with the high salaries ““ so too comes longer hours with mining jobs clocking up the longest average work week. Of all the major occupation groups, full time machinery operators and truck drivers in the mines averaged the highest hours in a week recording a total of 43.7 hours per week. But if you’re willing to put in the hard yards now, you can access one of the most lucrative careers in Australia.

Remember, if you’re currently on the hunt for mining jobs in Australia, that behind the allure of the big bucks, obviously the stark realities of working in the mines in Australia is something you can`t  ignore. It`s been proven that having the right mining mindset can truly cement a prosperous future for yourself and your family. On the other hand, if you haven`t prepared yourself and your family for the dramatic change, it can be a challenging time.

Before taking a mining job, some of the things we would recommend is that you have some solid financial plans in place, and a solid commitment from your other half before looking for jobs in the mines. Solid open communication with your partner, agreed spending budgets, and consistent communication are just some of the ways to protect your six figure income and future dreams of financial freedom.

Right now if you`re looking for mining jobs in Australia jobs – this is an extensive list of all mining jobs.

Investing in nationally recognised training will significantly increase your employment opportunities and help you stand out when looking for jobs in the mines.

(*Sources: AMMA, ABS - 6306.0 – Employee Earnings and Hours, Australia, May 2012, ABS: 4102.0 – Australian Social Trends, April 2013)

Reference: Mining Jobs in Australia – Let’s Keep It Real

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