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Mining Jobs Hotspot – South Australia $850 Mil Copper Mine

iMINCO South Australia - A Mining Jobs HotspotCan mining jobs in South Australia take the focus off the buzzing coal fields of Queensland? What does SA offer in terms of mining jobs for skilled and semi-skilled people.

You might not know it, but mining in South Australia is a quiet achiever with some serious players doing their bit to create a profitable mining nation.

South Australian mining aims to put mining jobs on the map

Ever since BHP decided to put plans on hold to develop the $30 billion Olympic Dam project in SA, the general feeling was that the whole state was in some sort of decline when it came to mining and mining investment.

Over the past 12 or so months, things have changed and South Australia is doing its best to claim a bit of mining jobs attention.

“good news for the mining employment sector of South Australia”

Mining companies like Arrium have been quietly going about their business of iron ore mining and creating a new wave of mining jobs in SA. This has been good news for the people of SA who are just as keen as the rest of Australian to get a slice of the mining jobs action.

Rex Minerals Copper Hillside Project

The Hillside Project is once again back in the mining news as the company responsible for the project, Rex Minerals reviews the mining industry challenges of 2013 and replaces it with a new and positive outlook for 2014.

“copper mining operations commence in 2016”

As a mining and exploration company, Rex Minerals’ (ASX: RXM) has its sights set on gaining final regulatory approval for the Hillside Project, which is situated on the Yorke Peninsula, about 12 kilometres from the town of Ardrossan. Once SA government approval is in the bag, the mining company hopes to have the financing in place by the end of 2014 – allowing it to commence copper mining operations in 2016.

Activity around the project is heating up as expectations the mining operation will be approved. Scores of mining contractors and engineering companies are already expressing an interest in providing mining services to Rex Minerals.

Hyundai in early contractor agreement talks with Rex Minerals

In terms of international investment and interest in the Hillside Project, Hyundai had signed an early contractor agreement with Rex Minerals in a bid to gazump its Chinese competition. Competition is fierce to win the rights to become the major contractor and this is another positive sign the project is one to watch for people looking for the next wave of mining jobs in South Australia.

“a perfect launch pad to building the mine”

Rex Minerals managing director Mark Parry, sees the current Australian mining climate as a perfect launch pad to building the mine as contracts for the construction of the site would be favourable in terms of costs.

The Hillside Project is a significant mining project in the state being managed by one of South Australia’s larger mining companies. SA Premier Jay Weatherill made a statement to the fact that “The project is sitting in the parking bay ready to go”..heartening news for South Australian mining contractors and tradespeople who are ready to full the mining jobs coming their way.

15 year mine life

The Rex Minerals Hillside Copper Mining Project has an estimated life-span of some 15 years with production envisaged at some 70,000 tonnes a year. The expected cash extraction cost of around $US1.30 a pound are driving the project in terms of profitability.

The viability of the mine was evaluated on the assumption that the trading price of copper would remain steady at the $US3 to 3.20 mark – or thereabouts. Currently in today’s markets (Feb 2014), copper is trading at $US3.20 per pound.

So what does this mean for mining jobs in SA?

Given the fact that that the mining company is cashed up and has significant foreign investment and interest from overseas project management companies, tells us this project has a high probability of getting off the ground.

If copper prices remain steady at current prices, the viability of the mine seems promising. This being the case, the longevity of the mine means long-term mining jobs for the local South Australia communities close to the mining operations.

Looking at the price of copper over the last 5 years, it has risen from the low $US1.50 in Feb 2009 to around $4.50 in Dec 2010 with a fluctuation in price around the $3 – 3.20 mark.

The other way find mine jobs with Rex Minerals

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