Women in mining - QLD Govt $20,000 scholarship incentive

Women in mining – QLD Govt $20,000 incentive

Women in mining - QLD Government $20,000 scholarship program. Woman on a mine site.

Women who are considering a career in the mining industry can thank the Queensland Government for giving them a $20,000 incentive to encourage more women to get into mining.

The Queensland Government announced a scholarship program for women who enrol in further study and commence a career in the mines.

State Minister for Education, Training and Employment John-Paul Langbroek said there were 500 scholarships of up to $20,000 on offer, which will assist women looking to further their education in specific fields such as agricultural science, architecture, engineering, geological science, building services and information technology

Increasing the amount of female mine workers has been identified by mining companies and contractors and the Australian Government as an important strategy in combating the skills shortage in the mining and resource sector.

There are a lot of women starting to look to the mines as a career path, not only as plant operators and mine site auxiliary workers, but as OH&S officers, mining supervisors, engineers and geologists. It’s an exciting time for women looking to get into the mines, because there are plenty of opportunities to realise a well paid career and a solid future in mining. It`s up to people in the mining and resource industry, men and women, to work towards changing the perception of women working in any capacity.

“The incentive is about giving women the opportunity to sell themselves more, to put themselves up for promotion and to up-skill and go for it. This is a great opportunity to boost female participation in traditionally male-dominated industries and train more skilled workers for the areas that need them most,” said QLD Minister for Education, John -Paul Langbroek.

Scholarships for study are available from Certificate IV through to postgraduate levels.

For more information and to apply, visit the mining skills for women website.


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Women in mining – QLD Govt $20,000 scholarship incentive means more mining jobs for women.

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