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Mining Jobs Australia

iMINCO Mining Jobs AustraliaWhen it comes to mining jobs, Australia has a lot to offer in terms of locations and the number of mining companies to choose from.

Here, you can learn a little more about some of the mining jobs locations and which Australian mining companies to target.

Mining Jobs Australia locations

In recent years, most of the mining jobs in Australia have been in Western Australia and Queensland. There are however, mines in other states and also in the Northern Territory. A mine that is not advertising for workers today could be advertising tomorrow – so it pays to be well-prepared. It also helps if you know someone who is already working in the mine you`d like to work at, as this is often a good way to find entry-level mining jobs.

Some of the specific mining locations that have plenty of job opportunities are Port Hedland, Mount Isa, Kalgoorlie and Karratha. The Gorgon Gas Project in Western Australia is another source of possible employment as are the Browse and Galilee Basins in Queensland. Depending on the location and the mine site, many people enjoy a FIFO lifestyle that allows them to live at home and commute to work or even fly-in and fly-out of a mining town and bus-in bus-out of the mine site.

Because many of the mining jobs these days are of the FIFO type, you don`t necessarily have to live somewhere near a mine to get a job there. Some mining companies even cover relocation expenses to get experienced miners, workers with a specific skill set or a professional such as an engineer or geologist.

Mining jobs with companies in Australia

You can find mining jobs Australia with companies like BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, BC Iron, Pacific Coal, Warratah Coal, Fortescue Metals Group to name but a few. BHP Billiton has operations in New South Wales, Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia. It is the largest mining company worldwide. Many of the mining jobs in Australia and in other countries around the world are with BHP Billiton.

Rio Tinto has numerous operations in Queensland and New South Wales. Some of the mines that are a part of the group include Clermont, Bengalla and the Hunter Valley Operations.

Mining jobs at these mines and others can be found online on the various mining jobs boards like SEEK, INDEED, CareerOne, and JobSearch. From time to time, mining jobs can be advertised in national or regional newspapers although this practice is becoming more and more a rarity as mining companies prefer digital content delivery networks to source new employees.

Just about all of the mining companies in Australia now have websites that include links to their own job postings and also allow job seekers to create mining job alerts and even upload their resume’.

These are just a few of the mining jobs choices in Australia. With the right training and a little patience, you can have a career in this rapidly changing industry.

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