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Mining jobs Australia – what employers want

Mining jobs AustraliaMining jobs in Australia are going through a new phase and that`s good news for anyone looking for a mining job in Australia.

Mining companies will still look for workers who don`t mind working away from home, in remote locations for long periods at a time.

Whether you`re a truck driver, a driller, a chef or even a child minder, there are many mining jobs in this industry that are waiting to be snapped up, including jobs that require no experience at all.

However, to stand the best possible chance of getting a mining job, there are 5 certifications that you`ll want to consider getting, all of which can be taken in a few days (and for a few hundred bucks in most cases.)

They are:

  1. Mining Induction (Mining Safety)
  2. Four Wheel Drive
  3. Confined Spaces
  4. Work At Heights
  5. A Medical Examination

You don`t need them all, but the more the merrier.

But what if you can`t afford ““ or are simply unable ““ to get these certifications?

Don`t worry, there`s still hope. In fact, there are dozens of mining jobs that require no mining experience such as bus drivers, cleaners, security, cooks and so much more. Additionally, your current skills could be transferable to this industry too. You could already be exactly what some mining companies are looking for!

Want to find out if you`re in demand? Need to see if you`re able to get a job with no experience? Or do you simply want to discuss your options for mining jobs based on your qualifications and/or experience?

iMINCO is a specialist Australian mining employment company with years of experience in finding where the high paid mining jobs are in all states and territories.

Call iMINCO today on 0403 560 594 and we`ll give you honest advice on whether you`re eligible – plus we’ll show you where to find the best paid mining jobs, how to successfully apply for them and how to increase your chance of getting an interview.

We`ve helped thousands of people find mining jobs in Australia and there`s no reason why we can`t do the same for you.

Some courses you can do if you`re thinking of applying for mining jobs in Australia

Reference: Mining jobs Australia | Advice for people looking to work in the mines in Australia.

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