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Mining Job Tips For Job Seekers

Before you apply for this job – read this!

If you read this, you’ll increase your job chances significantly!

With so many people competing for mining jobs, it pays to get a few things in order before you start to applying for jobs online.

At iMINCO, we hear many people telling us they have sent out dozens of applications for jobs and heard nothing back – sound familiar?

Why do you think this is?

The real reason people don’t get a reply is because they fail miserably from the start, by not doing a few basic things.

Here’s a few tips on how to get noticed by mining job agencies and recruiters.

This info may just help you get an interview.

  • Do your research on the company you will be hoping to work for.
  • Do your research on the recruitment company who advertised the job in the first place.
  • Find out as much as you can about the job being advertised, this includes what’s involved, the working conditions, the rosters etc.
  • Make sure your qualifications match the job requirements (don’t apply for a job that is way out of your level of expertise).
  • Invest in yourself and do some mining training courses to learn about mining safety and make yourself more employable. When you add your course qualifications and statement of attainments to your resume, it reflects back to to a recruiter you have the knowledge and qualifications they are looking for.
  • Make sure your resume is up to date and has all of your current qualifications relevant to the job advertised – on page one. If your resume is looking a bit dated, then you can always look at getting a professional mining resume created for you. It could make all the difference when applying for this job.
  • Does your resume contain the right mix of keywords in order to pass the first level of job applications that are submitted online? If you’re not sure what that means, read this article on “how to get your resume past automatic scanning software“).
  • Are you confident in handling awkward questions in an interview situation? Most people are, so that’s ok – however, you will get a lot of value in reading our tips on “how to interview well for a mining job“.
  • Always be on the lookout for mining and resource sector jobs. There’s a few ways you can do this.
    • Sign up for job alerts with the major jobs boards like SEEK, INDEED and iMINCO.
    • Get mining news and information delivered to you by email every week with iMINCO Project News. This no-cost, no-obligation email newsletter is packed with useful information to help mining job seekers find employment opportunities.
  • Get your copy of the iMINCO 2014 Mining Jobs Guide book. You can simply email this to yourself and instantly start to learn about how to get a start in the mining and energy sector. It covers the mining, Coal Seam Gas and LNG industries – you’ll have a much better idea of the industry after you’ve read it!

At the end of the day, there are no easy solutions to landing yourself a high paying job in the industry, although if you follow the tips above, you’ll stand a greater chance then the rest of the people who are still half asleep.