Mining equipment repair jobs for the Hunter...more mining jobs for NSW

Mining equipment repair jobs for the Hunter

P&H MinePro Services is the support and distribution arm of P&H Mining Equipment, a global leader in the manufacture and service of large excavating and drilling machines used in hard rock and coal overburden open cut mining applications. Ninety percent of the world`s surface mines utilise P&H equipment.

P&H Minepro’s application to build a facility to repair mining equipment in Rutherford, NSW has been approved creating more mining jobs for the area.

The $25 million facility was approved by the Maitland Council  stating that “the proposed development is considered satisfactory . . . the development application is recommended for approval subject to consent conditions”.

24hrs a day, 7 days a week operation

The business will operate around the clock, 7 days a week and will primarily be a mining machinery support servicing and repair centre.

On completion, it will employ approximately 206 people in mining jobs and will be located in the Anambah business park, in Rutherford, NSW.

iMINCO Mining Information

Mining equipment repair jobs for the Hunter

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