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Mining and the Federal Budget

Treasurer Wayne Swan has announced a budget focused on jobs.

He has unveiled some interesting changes for the mining industry, and revealed the investment from mining companies in the next financial year to be eight times higher than the previous year.

On Monday, federal shadow resource spokesman, Ian McFarlane slammed the mining tax proposed by the Gillard government, saying it underpins the budget and is causing other policies to fall apart.

Queensland Employment Skills and Mining Minister Stirling Hinchcliffe has welcomed the decision by the government to focus on the need for workers in the growing resource industry in the state.

The National Workforce Development fund will receive a $558 million injection for its start-up and $143 million will be provided to support language and literacy training.

Employers in the resource in industry are urging the Federal Government to ignore demands from political groups and unions opposed to increasing the level of skilled migration.

Employers unable to find enough skilled workers

Chief Executive of resource industry employer group AMMA, said the Government`s announcement on Enterprise Mining Agreements (EMAs), put in place specifically for the sector, are a huge step in the right direction and reflect a recognition that Australia faces an unprecedented skills shortage,

“The changes to the EMAs will see workers brought in to work on projects for a defined period, and in addition, employers are obligated to train local staff,”Ě Mr Knott said.

“Despite the best efforts of both industry and governments to train more workers, the stark reality is that we need overseas workers to fill the gaps and progress our resource projects.

“Resource industry employers are already dedicating millions of dollars to the processes of recruiting, retraining and retaining Australian workers in the† industry. Those critics who wish to now turn around and claim skilled migrants are putting Australians out of a job don`t understand that resource employers aren`t able to find enough skilled workers.

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