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Mines In Queensland

Mines in QueenslandA Look At the Mines In Queensland

The mines in Queensland are numerous. Coal, copper, lead, zinc and silver are among the minerals currently being mined in this state.

In the past, there were productive gold mining operations in Queensland. For example Mount Morgan Mines, which closed in 1981 after nearly 100 years of operation, produced approximately 280 tons of gold.

New operations are in the planning stages and the need for miners is expected to grow over the next two years. A peak in demand for employees is expected in 2014.

The types of jobs created by the mining industry include construction and operating staff. Unskilled and inexperienced applicants must train before they can fill the available positions.

The turnover rate in the industry is relatively high. The number of positions open at any single operation may vary but overall the number of unfilled positions remains somewhat stable. A person interested in working at a mine can almost always find a job although relocation may be necessary.

The locations of the mines in Queensland currently in operation include Goonyella, Mount Isa, New Acland and Peak Downs.

Goonyella is a coal mine owned by the BHP Mitsubishi Alliance. It is about 30 kilometers from Moranbah.

Mount Isa is a city in the northwest section of Queensland. The population is about 30,000. Many of the people who live in the city work at one of the Xstrata-owned Mount Isa mining operations. The minerals extracted at Mount Isa include lead, zinc, silver and copper.

The New Acland coal mine is located near the town of Oakey in the Darling Downs region. The mine is owned by New Hope Coal and opened in 2002. The large deposit is expected to yield some 500 million tons of coal.

Peak Downs has been operating in the Bowen Basin since 1972. Like Goonyella, the operation is run by the BHP Mitsubishi Alliance, sometimes called BMA. Peak Downs is an open cut coking mine.

Because of the employment opportunities at the mines in Queensland, there are several companies that specialise in training unskilled operators. When the training program is completed, the companies work to secure positions for the newly trained miners. One such Queensland company is Industry Pathways. Mastermyne is another example of a company that provides training.

Training can be costly but workers who invest in training get a significant return on their investment. The mines in Queensland pay their employees well, alrhough relocation may sometimes be required.

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Mines In Queensland


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