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Mines In Queensland

Mines In Queensland Are Part Of The Landscape

Mines In QueenslandMines in Queensland have been a way of life since the late 1800`s, when gold and other precious metals were first discovered there. Not long after, the first vein of coal was found and the mining industry took off and never looked back. Today, mining remains one of the largest and most profitable industries in all of Australia, and especially so in Queensland.

Many mines have opened and closed over the years as individual veins were worked to capacity. Fortunately, the natural resources of the country seem to be so rich that whenever one vein is tapped out, another is discovered. One of the oldest operations was the Mount Morgan Mines, which closed in 1981 after 99 years in operation. That particular facility produced gold and copper and was one of the more successful operations in the entire region.

When discussing mines in Queensland, it is important to note the wide range of natural resources produced here. Precious metals such as gold, silver and copper are one end of the spectrum with coal representing the fossil fuel arena. The continuing push for sustainable energy resources has kept coal at the forefront of the commercial market and coal-mining operations remain some of the most valuable of all excavations.

Among the more unique mining operations is the Mount Isa Mines. Run by the Xstrata Corporation, these vast excavations produce copper, lead, zinc and silver. These rich veins were first tapped into in the 1920`s and since then, they have seen the present day city of Mount Isa grow up around them. The city currently has a population of just over 21, 000 with another 30,000 in the surrounding district.

What makes Mount Isa stand out among mines in Queensland is how vast the operation is and how it is almost the sole source of income and commerce in the city. Not only are the mines themselves located here, but the city also houses large smelting facilities as well. In fact, Mount Isa is one of the top two mining and smelting operations in the entire country.

Of course, not all mining is done underground and the region sports quite a few open pit operations as well. These include New Oakleigh Mine and Peak Downs Mine, both of which use heavy equipment like front end loaders to extract from their particular deposits. Whether above or below ground, there is little doubt that this region owes its livelihood to the industry.

Like many mining communities, mines in Queensland tend to be run by tight-knit groups who stick together through good times and bad. The inherent dangers of the industry leave workers and their families open to many forms of illness and injury, but safety standards are also higher here than in almost any other mining centre on the planet and that has been reflected in injury and casualty numbers that have gradually declined over the years.

Mining may be a rough and tumble profession, but it has been embraced in this region unlike any other. The dedication, strength, and determination of workers at every level of the industry stands out along with the rich bounty of Queensland`s natural resources. It has been and remains the crown jewel of Australia`s mining industry with good reason.iminco logo

Mines In Queensland


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