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Miners operate specialist equipment to excavate, load and transport ore, coal and rock in underground or open-cut mining operations.

Open-cut and underground miners may specialise as airleg miners, jumbo and longhole drill operators, continuous mining machine operators, longwall miner operators, development machine miners and mechanical bogger operators. Check the Plant Operator profile for more specific information.

Miners may perform the following tasks:

  • cut drives into the ore body using pneumatic equipment;
  • load ore onto conveyors and transport to entrance of mine;
  • load trucks to transport material;
  • support the walls and roof in underground mines with rock bolts and erect wooden or steel props, pillars and arches where necessary;
  • install vertical shafts and ventilation rises for air circulation in underground mines.

Skills Needed:

  • Resourceful and an independent thinker;
  • Enjoy problem-solving and has good spatial ability;
  • Communicate well with others; and
  • Is interested in working at mine sites, often in remote locations.


Bogger Operator: $80,000 “ $130,000?Jumbo Operator: $85,000 “ $180,000?Service Crew: $65,000 “ $130,000


Entry is generally through an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Certificate II or higher qualification, a traineeship and/or at least 1 year`s relevant experience. Mining companies and contractors are the main employers of miners/operators in the mining industry.

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