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LNG Jobs for Queensland

iMINCOLNG jobs in Queensland are on the rise thanks to the new technology that’s driving Australia’s LNG industry forward at a dramatic pace.

A new stream of employment opportunities has spun off the LNG sector, with thousands of new jobs on the horizon.

A new report called “Queensland CSG to LNG Workforce Plan”, created by ENERGY Skills Queensland has detailed some exciting new opportunities for people looking for LNG jobs.

The takeaway from the report basically means as more and more LNG service businesses are being created, more workers will be needed through LNG supply chain contractors.

No longer will the main gas companies be the main source of employment in the future, support and services businesses are going to play a major role in LNG careers.

The report talks about how there will be enormous opportunities for employment for operations and maintenance workers in Queensland. A shortage of critical skills and occupations is forecast from 2014 to 2034.

Research has identified the upstream Coal-Seam Gas (CSG) workforce would require the biggest staff numbers and it was envisaged 65 per cent of workers would be contractors.

“There is now a greater understanding of the required contracting workforce and updated project figures meaning the peak workforce numbers have more than doubled from original estimates,” Mr Porter said.

“Arrow Energy, Conoco Phillips, Origin Energy, Santos and QGC provided their company workforce data and information regarding their projected workforce needs, which we have aggregated into this industry skills demand forecast.”

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