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LNG pipeline jobs

LNG pipeline construction jobs Australia iMINCO - pipeline layingCoal seam gas (CSG) production has increased from 1 PJ in 1996 to 139 PJ in 2008. It accounts for over 10 per cent of total gas consumption in Australia and 30 per cent of eastern states` consumption.

The CSG pipelines act as collectors between CSG wells, to transport the product to processing operations for liquefaction and export. CSG-to-LNG projects, (including the addition to other major LNG projects under development), have the potential to elevate Australia to the second largest exporter in the world (Australia is currently the fourth largest). Queensland and New South Wales has been found to be more commercially viable CSG than Western Australia and Victoria.

BG Group subsidiary QGC`s Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG) Project involves an onshore CSG-to-LNG production and export facility on the Queensland coast on Curtis Island off Gladstone. It will have a start-up production capacity of 8.5 MMt/a of LNG from two trains, with provision for a third train in the near future and includes a 334 km, 1,067mm diameter export pipeline. This pipeline connects QGC`s Surat Basin tenements to a port site. It will also include a 194 km gas collection header pipeline, collecting gas from centralised compressor facilities for delivery to the export pipeline, a 12 kilometre pipeline crossing The Narrows from the mainland to Curtis Island, and a 13 kilometre lateral. The pipeline is a joint venture between McConnell Dowell (view a list of McConnell Dowell construction jobs) and Consolidated Contracting Company Australia (MCJV) with line pipe supplied by Howa Trading.

A similar JV between Origin Energy, ConocoPhillips and Sinopec is currently planning and designing the Australian Pacific LNG (APLNG) Project (view a list of Australlia Pacific LNG jobs), a four-train CSG-to-LNG development which will produce up to 18 MMt/a of LNG at a processing plant, to be located at Laird Point on Curtis Island.

This project includes the construction of a 360 km, 1m diameter gas transmission pipeline with a capacity of 1,250 TJ/d and will transport the gas from CSG reserves in the Queensland Surat and Bowen basins to the LNG plant on Curtis Island.

Construction has begun on both the plant and mainland locatations for the GLNG Project. The plant is located at Curtis Island, Gladstone, and will have two trains producing 7.8 MMt/a of LNG when completed. There is also provisioning for three more trains. Production is expected to be around the 3″4 MMt/a, with a max potential production of 10 MMt/a of LNG. Joint venture partners Santos, Petronas, Total and Korea Gas have contracted Saipem for pipeline construction. Find out about LNG pipeline construction jobs on the GLNG Project with Sapien.

The project includes a 435 km, 910 mm diameter gas transmission pipeline which links a compression station in Santos` Fairview and Roma CSG fields in the Surat Basin to the LNG facility. Gas will also be sourced from the Bowen Basin.

The Arrow Surat Pipeline (formerly Surat to Gladstone Pipeline) will also supply Arrow`s LNG project with CSG from the company`s Surat Basin operations. The 470 km pipeline is earmarked for construction to commence in 2014 with the first gas coming online in 2016. Arrow Energy also proposed the 440 km Central Queensland Gas Pipeline in a joint venture with AGL Energy, following the success of the North Queensland Gas Pipeline. The pipeline will run from Moranbah to Gladstone and connect into the national pipeline grid as well as to the Gladstone `Fisherman`s Landing` LNG Project.

CSG and how it impacts on job opportunities in the sector and for Australia

With the many CSG-to-LNG projects proposed in Queensland, there are good job opportunities for people looking to get into the oil and gas industry. With construction high on the priority and well underway, those people looking to commence a career in the industry should be thinking seriously about their options. On the GLNG project alone there are up to 1,100 construction workers required. Contact www.fluor.com/careers for more information on CGS-LNG jobs. Candidates are being sought to fill construction and operational roles in the Coal Seam Gas Fields, Gas Transmission Pipeline and the LNG facility projects.

The LNG projects typically require workers with a broad range of skills and experience. People with vocational occupations with technical skills will be in high demand, along with engineers in key professional and semi-professional roles including:
“ Process operators
“ Mechanics
“ Technicians
“ Electricians
“ Engineers
“ Project managers
“ Planners
“ Health and safety advisers.

First exports from the port of Gladstone are expected within the next three to four years, and this would not be possible without the construction of substantial pipeline infrastructure. In NSW, a number of CSG projects are in progress to ensure domestic gas supply for the area.

There is also enormous potential for new jobs to be created. This will be both a challenge and an opportunity for the pipelines industry; as many pipeline projects are scheduled to commence at the same time, the country is currently facing a skilled worker shortage.

The Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson told Canberra this week that the mining industry should stop fretting about the lip on the commodities radar and start to focus on securing the $243 billion pipeline of major projects yet to be approved. Ferguson went on to say he was very confident that the liquefied natural gas sector could be relied upon to deliver a good chunk of that pipeline.

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LNG pipeline jobs


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