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LNG, Coal Jobs – What Lies Ahead

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LNG, coal jobsAustralian oil and gas industry body, the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, has sent a strong message to the government.

If Australia is going to remain competitive, future LNG projects face a tough road ahead unless current government policy is not changed.

David Byers, chief executive of APPEA, said the resource sector was building around $200 billion worth of projects in Australia, with the potential to invest another $100 billion.

He indicated that there needed to be changes in policy after the next election for Australia to become more competitive in a global market.

“The Australian oil and gas industry created 100,000 jobs last year and is searching to generate this many again in the decade ahead.”¯

“Too few understand that Australia`s periods of strong prosperity at the start of the 20th and 21st centuries have been attributable to much more than luck. They have resulted from policymakers making the right choices, investors taking substantial risks and cutting-edge technologies being put to very good use.”¯ he said

New Coal Technologies Need Government Support

Coal giant Peabody Energy, a global leader in clean coal technologies, advancing low-carbon and near-zero emissions projects and partnerships around the globe and which employs more than 3000 workers across its eleven mines in Australia, has some advice for the next Government.

CEO Gregory Boyce recently argued that Australia`s energy costs and emissions can be reduced by investing in new technologies which could reduce emissions by as much as 10 to 15 per cent.

He said new technologies would enable cleaner emissions and cheaper energy prices if governments invested in new high-tech coal fired power stations known as supercritical coal plants.

“Coal remains the fuel that can advance Australia’s energy, economic and environmental goals, but recent policies have eroded competitiveness and jeopardised economic growth,” he said.

“There are decades of opportunity ahead in the Asia-Pacific region, but Australia’s competitors recognise this, and all of Australia faces a steep cost if its policymakers get it wrong,” he said.

`Mining`s Greatest Growth Lies Ahead Of It`

Resources output for coal and iron ore is increasing, natural gas is booming and “Mining`s greatest phase of growth lies ahead of it,”¯ said forecaster Chris Richardson, speaking to the ABC recently.

Growth in China may have slowed to 7.5 per cent, but this steadying of its economy should result in long-term stability that can only benefit Australia`s resource sector.iminco logo

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