Lithium Mining Australia Jobs

Lithium Mining Australia Jobs

Looking for mining jobs? – Lithium mining in Western Australia could be your best bet!

Next mining boom is Lithium?

There’s a new gold rush and it’s in lithium mining Australia. Jobs will be created in their thousands if current demand for lithium keeps on growing.

Recent news articles have hinted at a new era of mining as demand for battery power soars. Even the ASX listed mining companies have witnessed massive increases in their share price. This is a good indicator of future trends in mining and a signal to start researching Lithium mining jobs in Australia.

With Lithium prices rising, prices could remain at $US6000 a tonne for the next 10 years.

Mining companies are eyeing off the new trend in green economies of the future, such as neodymium and yttrium rare earths for the magnets used in wind turbines, and gallium and indium for solar panels and energy-efficient lighting. Western Australia’s Pilbara region is rich in these precious metals; the race is on to develop the hidden resource and cash in on future demand.

Proactive mining company Altura Mining, plans to develop the Pilgangoora Lithium project to coincide with the battery boom. Altura Mining has an agreement with Chinese batteries material producer Lionergy. Lithium Mining Australia Jobs growth means there are now around 40 Australian companies working in the local lithium sector.

According to the US Geological Survey, Australia produced more lithium than anywhere else in the world in 2015, mining 13,400 metric tonnes.

Where are the mining jobs?

The best place to look for mining jobs in Lithium is in Western Australia. Here you’ll find huge Lithium mining operations like Talison Lithium`s Greenbushes project in the state`s south-west. This mine has been active for over 25 years and is the world`s largest.

NSW Lithium plant to be built soon

Lithium Australia managing director Adrian Griffin says the company is planning construction on a pilot plant in New South Wales, before building a larger scale pilot plant in one of four to be announced locations.

“The aim is to produce a pilot plant on a scale that it can cover operating costs by selling the product, so investors can come have a look at the operational parameters,” he says.

He singles out Port Hedland, located approximately 120km north of Pilgangoora, as the leading contender among the shortlisted sites.

Rising Lithium price fuel accelerated mining projects

The price of 99 percent-pure lithium imported to China has increased 42 percent in the last six months and 15 percent in the last three months, according to

Similarly, the value of Lithium and battery producers has increased during the same span. These indicators only strengthen the resolve of Australian Lithium mining operators to take advnatage of this global trend.

“Lithium prices tipped to rise 20 per cent by 2017 on demand for electric cars”

China  drives Lithium price increases

According to new reports, China will have twice as much lithium-ion battery production capacity as the United States by 2020.

Currently, nearly 70 percent of global demand for raw materials comes from China and investments in new Lithium ion battery capacity will exceed $12 billion by 2020.

China currently imports much of its lithium extracted from spodumene; a gray translucent mineral with high Lithium content””mined in Australia. Long term demand is also driving a new surge in Lithium prices, especially from electric vehicle companies like Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors, which prepares to start production at its battery “Gigafactory” in Nevada later this year. Tesla’s “Gigafactory” looks to supply Lithium ion batteries for 500,000 cars a year within five years.

Lithium mining jobs – start your research

Get in on the predicted boom in Litium demand over the next few decades. Get in quick before the jobs are advertised.

These 6 Australian Stock Exchange listed companies are primed to take full advantage of the demand for Lithium.

Invaluable information is waiting to be revealed just by researching these companies. Learn about the industry and future demand for Lithium products.

Look at the investment, projects, about us and careers sections.

A checklist for mining job seekers: Lithium Mining Australia Jobs

  • Go to each mining company’s website; read as much as you can
  • Keep a file on each company
  • Search for career opportunities on the website
  • Go to mining jobs boards like SEEK, JORA and INDEED – search for the company
  • View their entire history on the ASX
  • Read their annual reports and press releases to reveal what their plans are
  • Seek them out on Social Media
  • Research their latest news and sign up for ‘alerts’

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