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Laboratory Assistant

Laboratory Assistants provide technical support functions to assist scientists by collecting and preparing samples, carrying out experiments, making measurements with scientific equipment, recording results and presenting results for analysis.

Laboratory Assistants in the minerals industry may perform the following tasks:

Clean, maintain and set up equipment for use in experiments.

Collect, classify and preserve specimens and samples.

Water and observe plants.

Perform diagnostic and other scientific tests on specimens.

Carry out experimental procedures, testing seeds, plants and analysing soil.

Perform routine mathematical calculations and prepare graphs.

Use computers and computer-interfaced equipment.

A Laboratory Assistant`s role would suit someone who:

Enjoys scientific activities.

Can produce accurate and detailed work.

Has good eyesight and normal colour vision.

Can work as part of a team.


Entry Level Technical Assistant: $60,000 “ď $90,000?Technical Assistant (6-12 years exp): $75,000 “ď $110,000


Entry into this occupation is generally through an AQF Diploma or relevant experience. With experience and sometimes further study, it is possible to specialise.

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