Jobs For Mining Queensland

Jobs For Mining Queensland

Coal Mining Jobs Queensland - Gina Reinhart coal project Galilee Basin

Queensland coal mining job opportunities took a positive step with Gina Rinehart’s Bundaberg Project set to create more coal mining jobs in the Galilee Basin.

Early estimates tip the value of the mining resource at tens of millions of tonnes of coal, so with current coking coal prices the resources at Bundaberg could be worth several billion dollars in the ground.

Gina Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting and the ASX: (ICX) listed International Coal announced the discovery of extremely high quality coal at their Bundaberg mining project.

According to International Coal’s website, the project could yield between 280 million tonnes and 370 million tonnes of coal across several locations. The Bundaberg Project will likely lead to the creation of hundreds of new coal mining jobs in the lucrative mining region of Bundaberg, Queensland

Hancock Prospecting subsidiary Queensland Coal Investments is allocating $3 million to gain a 51 percent interest in the Bundaberg coal mining project. The sell-off of coal assets in the state’s Galilee Basin in 2011 to India’s GVK Group for $1.26 billion, has allowed early-stage coal exploration in Queensland to begin.

GVK earlier this month came to an agreement with infrastructure group Aurizon, formerly known as QR National. This could see Aurizon help fund a $6bn rail and port infrastructure network top open up as the rail network to allow around 60 million tonnes a year of high quality coal exports from the Galilee Basin.

There`s a lot of mining exploration activity in the Galilee Basin of Queensland, which is a signal for people looking to enter the mining workforce to sit up and take notice. Hancock Prospecting is also in partnership with ASX: (CQC) listed Cuesta Coal, which is a subsidiary of Queensland Coal Investments. Reports indicate they have shown progress in their Eastern Galilee joint venture and have good indications of a coal deposit.

The Cuesta Coal Galilee Project
The Eastern Galilee Project is located along the eastern rim of the Galilee Basin, Queensland. Cuesta has finished a 9 open hole scout drilling program at EPC 1802 in 2011 and intersected coal in three (3) of these holes. This work has identified occurrences of the Betts Creek Beds Coal Measures.

Mining Job Tips
People looking for mining jobs, should be following developments in the Galilee Basin as there has been a marked increase in mining activity and from all accounts, the reports we are receiving at iMINCO, there are good employment prospects in the region. Why not better equip yourself to tap into the Galilee Basin bonanza of mining jobs on offer at this or any Australian coal mine by completing just two simple steps?

The Mining Induction course (Recognised Standard 11) is a must-do course if you want to apply for a mining job on any Australian mine in Queensland, regardless of the role you`re applying for. If you want a mining job and you have no previous mine experience, this one course will set you ahead of the pack.

Book your Mining Induction course spot online and you`re well on your way to moving into a well-paid mining job where you will earn your investment back a hundred-fold.

By completing this course (and featuring it on your resume), you will also ensure that your resume has certain keywords that are essential for your resume to get past the software-driven document scanning stage.

Nearly all of the mining recruiters and mining companies in Australia employ this first line of resume scanning for keywords. If your resume does not contain the key words they are looking for, then you may miss out on getting an interview. Read why it’s critical your resume is up-to-date and mining focused before you even start applying for a mining job.

The Coal Mine Worker`s Health Scheme requires that a medical check called the coal board medical be carried out by anyone offered employment in the coal mining industry – regardless of whether your role is in exploration or accounts payable. By completing this health check (and placing it on your resume) you make it easier for mining employers to fast-track your employment on a mine.

If you need to talk to someone about booking in to a mining training course, or you need help with your mining specific resume, call Industry Pathways on, they have specialist advisers on hand to help with any questions you may have.

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Websites mentioned in this article:

  • Cuesta Coal
    Cuesta Coal Limited (CQC) is a Queensland focused coal exploration company. CQC has a portfolio of thermal and coking coal exploration prospects within the Bowen, Surat and Galilee basins in Queensland. The Company’s core projects are situated with over 11,000sqkm of exploration ground in total. CQC has a combined Inferred JORC resource of 56.3 Mt
  • International Coal
    International Coal Limited (ICX) is an Australian based coal explorer. ICX holds interests in two prospective projects namely Bundaberg project located in the Maryborough Basin and South Blackall Project located in the Eromanga Basin, Queensland.
  • Hancock Prospecting
    Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd is an Australian company that has a long and important association with the iron ore sector and coal exploration and development. The group HPPL has significant plans for further development in both the Pilbara region of Western Australia and other areas in Australia.
  • Aurizon
    Aurizon is the world`s largest rail transporter of coal from mine to port for export markets and is working with Australian mining companies to move more than 500,000 tonnes of coal every day, bound for markets in Japan, China, South Korea, India and Taiwan.

For new starters in the industry we recommend you read how to get into mining with no experience. We have also created a list of mining jobs you can do, even if you are a new starter. Read our FREE Project News newsletter and sign up to receive your copy. This will help build your knowledge of the mining and resource industry.iMINCO will be closely following the development of this project with a free e-book on ‘How to get a mining job in the Queensland coal industry”. If you’d like a copy, send an email to

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