Do you want a job in the mines? 160+ jobs added to Seek in under 24hrs

Do you want a job in the mines? Over 160 jobs have been added to Seek in under 24 hours

get a job in the minesAs commodity prices continue to rise and many mining sites restart production or increase their productivity, now is a better time than ever to get a job in the mines. After a quick search of mining jobs in Australia on Seek, we found over 160 jobs had been added in under 24 hours… Just imagine the possibilities!

See the jobs on SEEK here. 

Whether you’re a new starter, experienced miner or transitioning in from an adjoining industry, there will be a job for you. To help get you started, we wanted to give you some quick tips on how to get a job in the mines. From gaining the right qualifications to helping with your resume, we’ve got you covered.

Qualifications needed to get a job in the mines

To get a job in the mines, no matter what your experience level, you will need to get certain qualifications, or `tickets` as they are more commonly known. There are many of different types of tickets you can obtain, which all depends on what type of work you`re after.

The following tickets would be a great start:

  1. Mining Induction (Mining Safety)
  2. Four Wheel Drive
  3. Confined Spaces
  4. Work At Heights
  5. A Medical Examination

Whilst you may not need them all, it’s a case of the more the merrier, with everything helping you on your quest to gaining your dream job in the mines. In addition to these qualifications you can gain tickets relating to specific areas of work.

What areas of work are there?

Mining companies in Australia are divided into three areas:

  • Mine operators. These are the big companies with high numbers of staff and high turnover of employees. Typically, there are more jobs available for applicants with little to zero experience, with positions as varied as chefs, bus drivers, drill operators to medics.
  • Exploration companies. These are smaller, more specialized groups of mining companies that are typically looking for experienced workers in the field of mining. These companies are more likely to hire you if you have a transferable skill or qualification, or direct experience within the mining industry itself.
  • Drilling companies. Drilling companies are smaller firms and often require specialist trade skills and certifications, although there is a possibility of finding work as a labourer, field assistant or driller`s assistant. Many of these companies will employ you for 3 month probationary period, with the potential to be hired on a more permanent basis.

Within these industries there are many different jobs you can gain, both professional and trade based. A professional pathway can lead to employment in job roles such as;

  • accountant
  • chemical engineer
  • civil/structural engineer
  • community relation officer
  • electrical engineer
  • electronics and instruments engineer; and
  • environmental engineer

Others areas for a career are;

  • geological engineer
  • geoscientist
  • health and safety officer
  • human resources officer
  • legal officer
  • mechanical engineer
  • metallurgy engineer
  • mining engineer
  • process engineer; and
  • surveyor

A trade pathway can lead to jobs such as

  • caterer
  • electrician
  • machinist
  • fitter
  • diesel and plant mechanic
  • metal fabricator
  • driller
  • truck driver
  • labourer
  • miner
  • or equipment operator.

And the list goes on… Either way, most of these companies will post job vacancies on websites such as and It`s also worth setting up an email alert for new job postings to get a head start over other applicants.

Get a job in the mines with an all-star resume

Of course, like any job application, in order to succeed, you`ll need to apply for a job that matches your skills. To land this job you need amining focused resume that represents yourself in the best possible light, and tactics leading into your interview that will reiterate your suitability.

Luckily, iMINCO has you covered here….

iMINCO works with mining and construction training organisation Industry Pathways who specialise in the preparation of high quality resumes for the mining, construction and oil and gas industries.

Throughout the application process, employers and recruiters use computer automated resume readers. They automatically scan over your resume and pick out `industry specific keywords` and qualifications. If your resume does not include these terms, it could dramatically decrease your chances of being selected for an interview. This is why you need a good mining resume.

Let us help you get a job in the mines

Call us today on (07) 5560 2522 and we`ll show you the secrets to finding the right mining job for you, and how to stand out and ultimately get the job.



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