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iMINCO exposes fake mining job ad

Job seekers are being urged to be on the lookout for a mining work scam where fake advertisements are being posted on several employment websites.

Brian Bauer from the Office of Fair Trading said authorities had received multiple complaints concerning the scam over the past month, which was targeting job hunters keen to be a part of Queensland’s resources boom.

“It is callous behaviour that has no other purpose except to exploit the hopes of job hunters as well as their hip pocket,” Mr Bauer said.

According to the complaints, job seekers have applied for mining positions on one of the websites by emailing the recruitment company.

The applicant is then asked to fill out an application form which includes their home address, date of birth, drivers licence details and their tax file number.

Asked to supply passport details

Mr Bauer said one complainant was also asked to supply their passport details as well as their work status.

“These employment websites have subsequently been in contact with several of these applicants and advised them the advertisements were false,” he said.

“Potential applicants should be wary of job advertisements and recruitment agencies promising a highly paid mining job in exchange for personal details.”

How to protect yourself

Always check the history of a company online, do a google search to see if there is anything negative written about them.Only trust websites that are established and have many pages of information. It takes no time for someone to set up a 5 page scam website but it would be impossiblefor someone tobuild awebsite with over 500 pages of useful information if they had bad intentions.

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  1. Alwyn smit August 30, 2011 Reply

    I feel that this type of scam you mention in the article is an utter disgrace as it is aimed at texactly the needy market where people are looking for jobs and probably short of money.
    Where can I make a formal complaint so that this exploitation can be investigated and stopped.
    rgds, Alwyn.

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