I'm working in the mining industry - I need a new challenge

I’m working in the mining industry – I need a new challenge

“I have worked in the mining industry for eight years now and would enjoy the change to work in a new mine…but where do I start?”

In a series of new questions asked by people who visit iMINCO, we wanted to share what other people are thinking about when it comes to mining jobs. Everyone has a different story to tell, which makes these types of questions a great place to learn. See for yourself how real Australians are facing similar challenges and gaining the knowledge to overcome them.


“Hi my name is Warren and I have worked in the mining industry for eight years now and would enjoy the change and work in a new mine. I have an extensive resume showing my skills and the work I have done while working in a mine”.


Hello Warren, thanks for your comment.

Being currently employed in the mining industry is a good thing. Your knowledge of the industry will really help you make a good impression at an interview.

Unfortunatey, iMINCO is not a mining company and we don’t operate mines or anything like that, nor do we employ people to work in the industry.

What we do is provide mining news and information to thousands and thousands of people who visit our website every week. This information helps people just like you gain the knowledge to discover just where the jobs could be; and how to go about the process of applying.

I would look at exactly what types of jobs you want to do in the future. I`m not certain what type of job you have done in the last 8 years so I find it challenging to make some instant recommendations. However, the first place I would start is with your resume.

Make sure your resume is up-to-date

What I will say is this; make sure your resume is up-to-date and makes your best achievements stand out. Your work history will be the key to slotting into a job at another mine.

. . . and before I forget . . .

Mining companies in Australia are always looking for people who can ‘step up’ and take on the extra responsibility of a Supervisor or even a WHS Safety Officer. Keep this in mind for later, although you can take a look at the Supervisor training course here, and there is also other units you can do like the G2 Apply Risk Management course.

You can also complete mining courses online as they are relatively easy to complete and with your knowledge and experience, they would beeven easierI’m sure.

I know you`ll agree with me when I tell you that there is a lot of competition for mining jobs at this time.

Many people apply for jobs and just as many don`t even get a call-back or an interview; and I think you’ll agree, that’s the worst part of applying for jobs.

Most of the time job applicants who don’t hear anything back is because their resume is rejected by a piece of computer software that scans the resume for `keywords` related to the job being advertised.

This is the most critical point and possibly the biggest tip I can give you.

When you apply for jobs, read the job ad carefully. I`ll say that again because it`s important. When you apply for jobs, read the job ad carefully.

The secret in applying for a job is to focus on meeting the job ad requirements by addressing them in your resume and cover letter.

iMINCO has a couple of free guides you can download… you might be interested in them.

One is on how to create a winning resume…

Resume tips for mining jobs

And the other is how to get your resume past scanning software.

Beat resume scanning software - e-book iMINCO

Get your copy and improve your mining job chances.

Good luck in finding a new mine to work in and let us know when you do.

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