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I’m looking for a Dump truck operator job


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I have over 19 years in construction and mining. I have Std11, HR, RA, CO, Excavator, Haul Truck, Dozer, Bobcat, Backhoe, Confined Space , Working @ Heights, 4wd training, EWP. With the experience across all if these tickets to back it up. And i have not had a full time job for 6 months now.


Hi Veronica, thanks for your comments and sorry to hear you are not having much success in finding a job as a dump truck driver in the mines, that must be so frustrating for you.

As you know, the Australian mining sector has been going through tough times of late and the jobs market is tightening up, although we still see plenty of mining jobs for multi-skilled operators advertised on our own iMINCO mining jobs board – as well as the bigger jobs boards like SEEK and JORA.

I guess there are the same challenges, no matter what type of jobs you apply for, and it`s not just in mining.

For instance, try and get a job as a safety supervisor without having completed your WHS course, or see if you can get a job behind a bar without having completed a bar course – even coffee shop owners have to take course on how to make coffee.

Every industry has its own set of standards and compliance processes that must be adhered to in order to maintain a high standard of service.

In your case, you mentioned about doing courses just because training companies make money out of it, yes this is true. It`s part of the process of training and developing the skills you need to get a job.

Think of this, can you jump into a 20 tonne truck without first learning how to operate it?

I have to say, you have an impressive collection of qualifications, so it makes me wonder if there is something else going on there that has stopped you from finding work. Are you getting interviews? What has been the feedback from your interviews?

Do you feel you need some coaching to help you with the interview process?

If you are not getting interviews for the dump truck operator jobs you are applying for, then maybe your resume needs some work around the formatting?

Did you know that a high percentage resumes fail to get past the resume scanning software stage?

Recruitment companies who advertise the very jobs you are applying for, scan digital resumes for special keywords. These keywords change with each ad and are a way to filter out the applicants who don’t match up.

This is an important point for you to know about, without those keywords, your chances of getting through to round two are slim.

I`d like to help you to be successful in the future jobs you are applying for. Check out the links below.

There are three books iMINCO has written to help thousands of people to increase their job opportunities. Each one can be downloaded individually.

How to write a good resume | Are resume scanners blocking your job applications? | The trick to successful job interviews

It`s not just enough these days just to have the right qualifications. Although when you are contracted to drive a dump truck, there are essential qualifications you must have, like your RII competencies. Mining companies and contractors look at the character traits of all its employees.

They also hire psychologists and specially trained human resource personnel to analyse all applicants.

It`s not like the old days when you could walk into a job. We all have to fight for what we want out of life.

Your experiences, despite being difficult to come to terms with, are not the same for everyone. There are people who are getting jobs because they are there at the right place at the right time.

My son-in-law for instance, spent $1500 on getting his Elevated Work Platform, Confined Spaces and Asbestos Removers tickets so he could get start as a Trades Assistant. Now he is working at the Roy Hill iron ore mine in WA and making $3000 a week.

This job at Roy Hill in WA did not land in his lap, like you, he worked hard to get in front of as many employers and mining recruiters as he could. I re-arranged his resume for him.. and it worked!

So you can see, in his case, spending his hard-earned cash on upskilling himself really paid off.

Take a look at those links and really have a good look at your resume to see if it can be improved. It pays to spend a bit of time on the job application too – which we cover in those free eBooks from iMINCO.

You can also send it to iMINCO and one of the resume writers could take a look at it for you – if that is something you would like to do.
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