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Ichthys LNG Project – $174M scaffolding bill

iMINCO Ichthys LNG Project - $155M Scaffolding BillThe Ichthys LNG Project in the Northern Territory is a huge project, employing thousands of people.

The scale of mining, oil and gas project in Australia is staggering, especially when you realise a scaffolding bill can run into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Ichthys Field, in the Browse Basin off Western Australia, is a Joint Venture between the INPEX group of companies, major partner Total group and the Australian subsidiaries of Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas, Chubu Electric Power and Toho Gas.

“workers need protection, especially when working at heights”

The Project has entered the construction phase and now the work of creating the processing plant begins. With projects of this size, safety is one of the most important considerations. Having such a large workforce, with multiple  tradespeople on-site at any time – there is a need for workers protection, especially when working at heights.

LNG trains are typically multi-storey in their design and this creates challenges for the construction engineers in terms of access and how to move materials safely up and down the structure.

“Ichthys scaffolding to cost $174 million”

One of the most staggering statistics iMINCO has seen on the Ichthys LNG Project is the bill for scaffolding. The company responsible for this, AGC, Australia-based maintenance services, has reported its subsidiary company MAS Australasia Pty Ltd (MAS), has won the $US155 million (AUD 174 million) scaffolding contract for the mammoth LNG project. Once again, this is an indication of the magnitude of the resource sector projects currently being undertaken in Australia.

MAS will be responsible for scaffolding including management, design and engineering, scaffolding material supply and installation services  to the Ichthys LNG Project. They will also be working on the inlet areas at the Ichthys Project Onshore LNG Facilities at Blaydin Point in Darwin, Northern Territory. This work will be led by the onshore contractor JKC Australia LNG Pty Ltd (JKC).

“multiple projects require scaffolding on the Ichthys LNG Project”

JKC has been commissioned to deliver the engineering procurement and construction of the onshore LNG facilities, which includes the gas processing plant at the aforementioned Blaydin Point.

“With decades of experience providing scaffolding and access services, MAS brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the project. We are excited to work with JKC to deliver another project of excellence, as we continue to build our maintenance business within the Oil & Gas market”¯, said CEO and Managing Director Stuart Kenny.

The Ichthys LNG Project has an estimated operational life of over 40 years and is a Joint Venture between Inpex group companies (the Operator), major partner Total and the Australian subsidiaries of Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas, Chubu Electric Power and Toho Gas.

Contracts of this size, add a great deal of weight to the AGC’s parent company AusGroup Limited whose order book is reported to be full to the brim with around $US345 million (AUD 388 million) of projects. The Ichthys LNG Project in the Northern Territory of Australia is shaping up to be one of the biggest LNG facilities in the world, and is another affirmation that Australia could be the LNG capital of the world in the not too distant future.

Read more about the Ichthys LNG Project: NT Jobs ““ $680m Ichthys LNG contract for Monadelphous and how LNG creates Australian jobs for the long term

Contracting companies employed on the project

Ichthys LNG Project jobs

There are literally hundreds of LNG jobs going on the Ichthys LNG Project. For employment information, go to the Ichthys website where there is a wide selection of job sheets and downloads. The information will help job seekers to learn a lot more about the project and learn about the requirements for employment. All positions advertised on the Ichthys LNG Project require the applicant to possess a valid WHS Construction Induction Card as a minimum, prior to commencing work on site.

What types of jobs are available on the Ichthys LNG Project

During the construction phase of the project, subcontractors working on site will be hiring people who have a wide range of experience, skills and qualifications. Most of these positions will require the applicant to have industry level qualifications such as trade certificates, high risk work licenses and tertiary qualifications, however many roles require no further qualifications at all. Entry level LNG jobs are the perfect starting point for unskilled people who are looking to work in the Northern Territory.

Preparing for a job on the Ichthys LNG Project

Just because an applicant has significant experience and is trade qualified, does not mean automatic entry onto the project. Of course, skilled tradespeople are always in demand – however, there are important steps to remember when applying for LNG jobs on the Ichthys Project.

Resume Scanners – are you prepared?

The company insist that all job applications be submitted online. This method of applying for jobs is commonplace in today’s digital world, although job seekers should also be warned that software scanners are waiting at the other end to screen and filter every digital job application. Resume scanning software is designed to ‘weed out’ those applicants that do not meet the pre-requisite standards as set by the employer.

“job-specific keywords are critical”

It’s critical for job seekers to understand the importance of a good, keyword-rich resume, that highlights every qualification and achievement relative to the Ichthys LNG Project. Trade qualifications as well as additional competencies must be included and the structure of the resume must be of a high standard.

Job-specific keywords are mapped to the job advert and if any resume submitted does not meet the requirements, then the application may be rejected – even before a human sets eyes on it.

This is a critical point to mention, as many a seasoned and competent tradesperson has been left bemused and frustrated at their failure to get an interview. One of the ways to beat the system is to learn how to beat resume scanners. iMINCO have created a ‘no-cost’ e-book to show how to do this effectively. We suggest downloading it and taking the time to read the contents of the e-book – it may just make the difference. Learn how to beat resume scanning software here.

Is your resume letting you down?

Many people struggle when faced with creating a resume that looks good, as well as containing the right mix of keywords weighted towards the job they are applying for. One of the easiest solutions to overcome this is to have a professional resume written by a specialist resume writer.

“invest in a well-written resume”

These people are skilled at creating resumes and know exactly how to design them to get noticed by recruitment companies and employers. A small investment in a well-written resume could be the key to landing a high-paying job on the Ichtyhs LNG Project. Learn more about how to go about getting a professional resume written.

The job registration process is via the Ichthys website. Anyone who applies for a job on the Ichthys LNG Project will have their details saved to a jobs database.

Contracting companies will have secure access to the talent pool, from which they will arrange the next step of the recruitment process. Generally what happens is, a project subcontractor will make arrangements for the applicant to come in for an interview where a detailed assessment will be carried out.

Register your interest by visiting the Ichthys Jobs website  www.ichthysjobs.com

Ichtyhs LNG Project Job enquiries: (08) 8980 9999

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