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Huge South Australian iron ore mine gets Govt approval

Iron ore mining in Australia has been one of the country’s biggest employers, with hundreds of thousands of mining jobs being created.

It’s not just Western Australia that’s got the iron ore spotlight shining on it – what about South Australia.

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South Australian iron ore mine could create thousands of jobs

Iron Road is an Australian mining company with big plans to become a major force in the iron ore industry.

Their flagship Central Eyre Iron Project (CEIP) has been quietly chugging along nicely as it gains approvals from the Australian government to develop the massive resource in the SA outback.

Where is the Central Eyre project?

The Central Eyre Iron Project is on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia. It is made up of three iron ore mining areas, Warramboo, Kopi & Hambidge. The location of the proposed mine is favourable as it’s close to the coast where a proposed shiploading facility is planned – plus development of the required power and associated infrastructure is excellent.

The South Australian iron ore mine project geology and high quality iron ore that is located at the site indicates a very large ore body with low grinding required to produce a highly saleable concentrate product. These factors make the project especially appealing from an investment perspective.

Subsequent to the DFS release, the Australian Federal Government granted Major Project Facilitation status to the CEIP, which highlights the importance of the project. Studies have revealed the proposed mine could yield around 20 million tonnes of iron orea year when fully operational.

Work carried out by geologists has indicated that the iron ore resource is a coarse grade, high quality concentrate that is suitable for blast furnaces both here in Australia as well as the overseas Asian markets.

See the Iron Road infographic on iron ore (Magnetite) here

It’s estimated the mine would require some $4 billion worth of investment. As far as when the proposed iron ore mine will be operational, it has been suggested that 2018 is a reasonable date to put in your diary. That may seem a long way off, however, the time frame of this project is perfect for those people who aspire to work in the mines who do not yet have any formal training or qualifications.

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Considering there are many iron ore projects already in production such as Fortescue Metals Group, BHP, Rio Tinto, Arrium Mining (South Australia), Western Desert Resources (Northern Territory), Atlas Iron and BC Iron in the Pilbara of WA – this new proposed iron ore mine in South Australia will add to Australia’s iron ore production overall.

When we also consider the impact of Gina Rinehart’s Roy Hill mine, which is currently under construction in WA, Australia is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after suppliers of high-grade iron ore.

Where to start looking for iron ore mining jobs in Australia

One of the biggest hurdles in finding employment in the mining industry in Australia is knowing where to start. With so much information on the internet, it can be a confusing experience for most people. As mining companies change their focus from massive investmentto now concentrate on improving the efficiency of their mining operations, new opportunitiesare presentingthemselves to job seekers.

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In this article, we mentioned some of the major iron ore mining companies in Australia – this is the first place to start collating information about the industry. As you build your knowledge of the mining sector, it becomes easier to understand where the jobs are and what types of jobs offer long-term security and which ones are more volatile in terms of longevity.

For people who have never worked in the mining sector before, just the thought of working in hot and remote locations for weeks at a time can be challenging enough. Working a FIFO mining job presents its own set of obstacles to overcome, however, for those who have the ability and opportunity to work in these types of jobs – the rewards are plentiful.

One of the best ways to learn about the Iron Road, South Australian iron ore mine as well as other iron ore mining operations in Australia, is to get the information that has been specifically written for people just like you who have heard about how good it is to work in the mining industry.

As we mentioned before, mining in remote locations in Australia is no picnic – and it pays to learn about the good and not so good aspects of the job.

At iMINCO, we’ve written hundreds of mining articles to help people get to know the mining industry in Australia. Our news stories and additional ‘how-to’ guides, as well as the many free e-books are the perfect introduction to Australian mining.

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