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How to get mining jobs

Discover the secrets to getting into the mining and resource sector; and learn about the 6 steps to discovering whether you are ‘mine-ready’ or not.

What does it take to get into mining in Australia? Could a lack of mine experience stop people from getting a job in the mines?; and reveals the one question that can make or break your mining career?


Before you rush off and apply for a job in the mining and resource sector, ask yourself the following questions.
1. Do I have a willingness to be away from home?
2. Can I cope without the distractions of life like the internet, Foxtel or facebook?
3. Do I have a genuine interest in the mining and resource industry?
4. Can I commit to the community I’m working in?
5. Am I focused on always being committed to my own personal safety and the safety of others?
6. Do I have a real willingness to up-skill my knowledge and develop a real career in the mining industry?


  1. John August 24, 2012 Reply

    I am a Plant Operator serving in the Royal Enginners in the British Forces. Am enquiring if could do some plant operating in one of the mines. I hold Military licences for the Light Wheeled Tractor(LWT), Medium Wheeled Tractor(MWT), Excavator 360, and Grader (MMG). I have served in construction sites in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and have worked in Quarries in the Falklands. I am famalier with the Harsh conditions, and long hours and the safety laws that have to be adhered to.
    I am available for short term stints, 2-3months.

    • Pete August 27, 2012

      Hi John
      We get a lot of people asking about how to go about applying for mining jobs, especially as machinery operators. You’ve got a lot of experience there, this is what will be helpful when applying to the mining companies for jobs as a <a href="” title=”Haul truck driver training course – Brisbane” target=”_blank”>haul truck operator or a dozer driver. We’ve a lot of helpful information on the iMINCO website on what the requirements are to get a start in the mines (mining courses and certification – tickets required) as well as how to go about looking for the jobs and how to get your foot in the door with a good mining related resume.

      Here’s some ideas for you.
      1. Do the necessary mine-ready training courses first. These are generally the Standard 11 mining induction course and the required machinery tickets if you are planning on operating heavy equipment.
      2. Be prepared to re-write your resume to me more focused on mining. There are a lot of good mining resume writing tips on our website and you can also get a mining resume written for you. This takes a couple of days and the results have been amazing – it really does make a difference. Putting yourself out there to mining employers and recruiters as a knowledgeable and mining aware employee is a big plus for securing an interview.
      3. Do your research on the mining companies in Australia. Learn the industry, know which mining companies have the types of mines you want to work in. Do you want to work in coal mines or metaliferous? Are you prepared to work underground or above ground and willing to FIFO? A little bit of knowledge about your the mining company you are applying to for that all important mining job, could just make or break the employment offer.
      4. Get on to the mining job boards like,, and the Australian government job board. There are literally 100s of mining jobs available. Mining companies don’t just want anyone, they can afford to be selective and choosy who they employ. They look for people who have a genuine interest in mining, have a positive attitude and can work well in a team environment.
      5. If you’re active on social media websites like facebook, make certain you’re projecting yourself in a positive light, as it’s quite common for most mining recruiters to search these websites first before even considering people for an interview.
      6. Subscribe to iMINCO’s Project News newsletter – each week we send out information about what’s happening in the mining industry in Australia. It’s FREE.

      Above all – keep applying for jobs, don’t send half a dozen resumes off and think you’re doing well…follow up with phone calls, speak to the recruiters, call in to the recruitment agency and put a face to your mining job application.

      iMINCO Mining Information
      r.e. Plant operator mining jobs

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