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How to get mining jobs

Discover the secrets to getting into the mining and resource sector; and learn about the 6 steps to discovering whether you are ‘mine-ready’ or not.

What does it take to get into mining in Australia? Could a lack of mine experience stop people from getting a job in the mines?; and reveals the one question that can make or break your mining career?


Before you rush off and apply for a job in the mining and resource sector, ask yourself the following questions.
1. Do I have a willingness to be away from home?
2. Can I cope without the distractions of life like the internet, Foxtel or facebook?
3. Do I have a genuine interest in the mining and resource industry?
4. Can I commit to the community I’m working in?
5. Am I focused on always being committed to my own personal safety and the safety of others?
6. Do I have a real willingness to up-skill my knowledge and develop a real career in the mining industry?

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