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Healthy outlook for Aussie mining jobs


In an article published todayin The Daily Telegraph, Employment Minister Bill Shorten reinforced his recentwords regarding skills needs into the future, by praising the role of mining in today`s economy and the productive efforts of the men and women who work in it.

He said when speaking of the mining industry that `if gold medals were awarded to particular industries for new job creation, before the starter`s gun fired, there would be one stand-out, unbackable favourite`.

Since Labor came to power in 2007, the industry has created 130,000 new mining jobs and will continue to make a strong contribution in the years ahead.

Mr Shorten went on to say: “A few weeks ago I was in central Queensland visiting the BMA Goonyella Riverside coal mining pits. It is difficult to imagine the size of this project. BMA employs about 12000 people and has the capacity to export more than 50 million tonnes of high-grade coking coal every year.

“This project alone is injecting billions into the Australian economy every year.

“I am proud of the accomplishments of our mining industry and the productive efforts of the men and women who work in it.

Modern mining a sophisticated industry


“Modern mining is not just a matter of picks and shovels, head lamps and dump trucks – it is a sophisticated, technologically advanced industry employing the best and brightest miners, machine operators, engineers, scientists, camp staff, shot firers, dragline operators and tradespeople”.

He finished by saying that `mining will continue to capture the headlines “ and rightly so`, and he also acknowledged the services sector which are doing so much to contribute to Australia`s `truly remarkable economic story’.


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