Haul truck contractor wins new mining jobs

Haul truck contractor wins new mining jobs

Brisbane based Downer EDI Limited (Downer), a mining and civil engineering earthmoving provider, announced it has been awarded a six year magnetite mining contract.

The $570 million contract between Downer and Karara Mining Limited (KML) is slated to start late February 2012. Along with providing services that include drilling, blasting, and haul truck operations, Downer is tasked with building the mine`s infrastructure at the Karara Iron Ore Project in Western Australia.

The Chief Executive Officer of Downer, Grant Fenn, said “We look forward to working with Karara Mining over the next six years to deliver this critical component of the Karara Iron Ore Project, and will create more mining jobs in the sector”.

Indigenous training

Managing Director of a Gold Coast mining information provider company, iMINCO, Peter Evans said, Downer is a company that shows awareness for indigenous recruitment and development, “They have a strong focus on mainstreaming people into real mining jobs.”

“A good starting point for anyone looking to get into the mines is to complete the Standard 11 Induction (S11). Mining companies want to know potential employees know how to manage risk. The S11 has been providing that with great success,” added Evans.


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Haul truck contractor wins new mining jobs. Indigenous mining jobs.


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